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News video games 07 July 2023, 14:20

author: Jan Kopacz

Fathers of Iconic FPS Will Reveal Their Secrets but Not for Free

A trailer for a new documentary film entitled „FPS: First Person Shooter.” It is a work that will show the history of the first-person shooter genre.

Source: CreatorVC

A trailer for the upcoming documentary FPS: First Person Shooter has appeared online.

  1. It will be a production celebrating the eponymous first-person shooter genre and showcasing its rich history.
  2. The documentary will include interviews with the developers who created the iconic FPS games and industry experts, including John Romero (co-founder of id Software), Seamus Blackley (programmer of Ultima Underworld and System Shock), John Carmack (co-founder of id Software), Warren Spector (director of Deus Ex), Cliff Bleszinski (co-creator of Unreal i Unreal Tournament), Rebecca Heineman (programmer at Interplay studio), Karl Hilton (artist known for GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark), Randy Pitchford (head of Gearbox Interactive), Robin Walker (co-creator of Team Fortress) and many others.
  3. In total, FPS: First Person Shooter will feature more than 45 legendary developers who shaped the FPS genre.
  4. The length of the video will exceed 4 hours.

Pre-order for FPS: First Person Shooter has already started on the official website and will run until August 1. Digital editions of the documentary will debut this August, and physical editions will start shipping in September.

The basic digital version costs $49.99, while the physical edition, with a large box modeled after those of 1990s PC games and offering many extras, including a T-shirt, mouse pad and three posters, will cost $149.

  1. First Person Shooter: The Definitive FPS Documentary - official website