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News movies & tv series 17 December 2019, 23:29

author: AS

Netflix Will Hire an Accredited (or Equivalent) Witcher

Netflix is looking for a witcher as security staff. The company offers a contract and a healthy lifestyle, as the job is performed outdoors. The candidate should work independently, be a horse man/woman, have experience in solving conflicts with both people and monsters. We kindly inform you that all necessary equipment is to be procured by the candidate.

Today, Netlifx has published an unusual job offer on its special recruitment website, which should be of interest to every true witcher. What's all this about? Below we will take a closer look at said offer.


  1. Self-motivated;
  2. Not being afraid to work independently and spend long periods of time alone;
  3. Demonstrating excellent verbal communication skills, knowing how to negotiate with a wide variety of clients; written communication skills are a plus
  4. Must have your own equipment! A horse, two swords, and a variety of potions are a must, while armors, chains, and other tools are recommended;
  5. Must hold a four-year degree from an accredited Witcher school or have equivalent life experience;
  6. Healthcare is available if you know the right spell;
  7. Be comfortable with a fast pace in all types of job environments, from city to swamp to forest to mountain.

About the job:

  1. Tracking and removal of all manners of monsters, beasts, demons, rogues, and more;
  2. Multitasking will be your normal. You’ll need to be able to carry out your current job while also providing mentorship for a young witcher because you will come to realize that it is your Destiny.
  3. Great for nature lovers—you will spend a large amount of your working day out of doors;
  4. We love horse people! If your best friend and trusted therapist growing up was a horse, you will fit right in.
It's time to wear suits, witches. The job interview is waiting!

First order is scheduled for December 20, 2019, we also advise you to hurry up with your applications. Apart from giving your full name and contact address in the email, you should also attach a short video (no longer than one minute) in the form of a self-presentation. By a strange coincidence, that's also the day when the premiere of The Witcher takes place.

Returning to the question from the introduction, the whole thing is probably a promo campaign for the upcoming series. Netflix occasionally uses less conventional methods of advertising its products. Only the video part and a note at the end of the advertisement might make you think:

"Just as your exploits might be sung by bards, so too might your submission be featured on Netflix social."

Is Netflix preparing some kind of bigger social event? We'll probably find out soon enough.

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