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News video games 05 July 2022, 12:56

author: Kamil Kleszyk

Console Made for NFTs; Company Promises Pie in the Sky

Polium One is a console to be based on NFT. This whizz project, based on Web3 technology, will reportedly be released in 2024.

Polium One concept art/ Source: Twitter/@Polium__

A few hours ago, a certain company called Polium shared on Twitter a graphic showing a tiny box and something that resembles a flattened DualSense controller from PlayStation 5. As it turned out, this little box is actually a console that will be released at the end of 2024.

Fun as excuse to trade and buy NFTs

There would be nothing remarkable about it, if not for the fact that the the device will support the purchase and exchange of NFTs. In addition, owners of Polium One will be able to use various metaverses and a unified cryptocurrency wallet.. If a red flag has popped up in your head at this point, things get even more interesting further down the line.

"The console will be powerful enough to run demanding games and will be easy to use for the traditional gamer who does not understand Web3 technology based on data decentralization, blockchain technology and token-based economics," the company reports (via VGC).

Incredible capabilities

According to Polium, the console's controller will be equipped with a fingerprint scanner, as well as a "wallet" button to give interested parties quick access to operate cryptocurrencies. Interestingly, despite the fact that barely four people are reportedly working on Polium One, the console is expected to be capable of supporting 8K HDR at 120 frames per second and ray tracing.

"The four of us are building functional prototypes of the console and controller.(...) We should have them by November, or maybe even sooner. We'll show the prototypes live on YouTube or have a well-trusted influencer present them to anyone interested. The prototypes will prove that the console can run games that are on different blockchains, built with different programming languages. We won't be taking any pre-orders until we show the prototype and make sure the community is interested," the developers' announcement reads.

Games? What games?

Sounds like every avid gamer's dream, right? Well, it is. When we say "console" we immediately have in our minds a variety of games that we could enjoy on our device. Here, however, a small problem arises, because no games have been officially presented by the company.

A familiar logo

If you have not felt a strong sense of embarrassment so far, it is also worth mentioning that the console's logo is deceptively similar to the one created for Nintendo GameCube. So it seems that Polium's graphic designers developed the symbol during a breakfast break.

Of course, at this point we can't rule out that such a device will be made. The team responsible for the world's first "NFT console" claims to have adequate experience in software and hardware development. Despite this, the gaming community approaches the project very distrustfully. Somehow, we are absolutely not surprised.

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