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News video games 22 February 2017, 14:15

author: luckie

Nier: Automata PC may be delayed by only three days

OK, we get it, Nier: Automata PC is delayed. But is it possible that the delay is going to be just three days? That's what a leaked version of the new trailer suggests.

A coupe of days ago Nier: Automata’s producer Yosuke Saito from PlatinumGames said in a stream that the game would be slightly delayed on the PC. However, the delay may be even shorter than most would think it to be. A leaked version of the game’s new trailer points to March 10, 2017 for the Steam release, which is only three days after the launch on PlayStation 4, set to March 7. The aforementioned trailer has since been updated on the official Square Enix’s YouTube channel, but you can still watch it on Gematsu:

Of course, there is no guarantee that this date is still accurate, but even if it’s not, Nier: Automata is unlikely to keep Steam users waiting very long. Why push the PC release date back in the first place? Mr Saito explainded that this decision was made partly due to piracy. He referred to certain games that were recently pirated on PC in their launch period. Although no details were given, we know that lately, Square Enix’s Resident Evil VII: Biohazard fell victim to a record-breakingly fast cracking of its Denuvo-secured .exe file – it only took 3 days for crackers to beat the somewhat infamous anti-tamper system.

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