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News video games 27 June 2022, 14:10

author: Miriam Moszczynska

Not Everyone is Playing LoL 12.12; Client Lags Behind

We don't all play the same LoL. However, it's not about skills, but about a delayed update in Garena game's client.

Not everywhere in the world League of Legends players have access to the latest patch 12.12. As noted by user JemerZ, on the game servers hosted by Garen, the community has yet to see the "regular" update.

What is Garena?

Not to be confused with Garen - the hero from LoL. Garena is a company that partners with Riot Games to operate servers in the Southeast Asia (SEA) region. LoL in Garena's version is not only separate servers, however. The versions of the game also differ in the appearance of the client, the presence of lootboxes, the lack of draft choices, and clashes.

Not Everyone is Playing LoL 12.12; Client Lags Behind - picture #1
Source: Reddit

It should be noted, that Riot Games does not have much influence on what happens on Garena's servers - after all, the developers are only making the MOBA available for further distribution.

Because of this, there are delays between "our" launcher and the one used by players in SEA. Although after JemerZ's post we can conclude that the five-day delay is a result above the norm.

Garena's slip-up

It sounds ridiculous to say the least, but the community recalled a situation from 2018 on the issue of the customer and the company's awkwardness. Namely, gamers in the Philippines, where this situation took place, noticed significant drops in the performance of their PCs, which obviously worried them.

As it turned out, reduced performance was due to the fact that, the code of Garena's launcher gained a script that was used to mine cryptocurrencies. Its introduction to the client was not intentional and technical support quickly fixed the problem. Nevertheless, the bad aftertaste lingers and the current delay only serves to worsen the impression.

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