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News guides 26 April 2024, 08:28

author: Damian Gacek

Where to Find Iron in Bellwright (Map)

In this guide we will present you a Bellwright map with Iron. If you have problems with finding this resource, read our article.

Source: Bellwright, developer: Donkey Crew

If you are a fan of Middle Ages, Manor Lords has been released a few moments ago, and thousands of people play it as we speak (check out our guide if you are one of them). However, not all people like strategies. What then? You may want to look at Bellwright. It is a new survival, which allows players to build their own village and be a head of the rebellion. Of course, to complete that, you have to gather many resources. Iron is among them. Let’s find out where to look for it.

Where to Find Iron in Bellwright

Iron, next to Tin and Copper, is one of the metals available to extract in Bellwright. However, contrary to the rest, it is quite late game resource. If you want to get it, you have a long way to go, as the material is in the southern part of the map.

Iron, Bellwright, developer: Donkey Crew - Where to Find Iron in Bellwright (Map) - news - 2024-05-08
Iron, Bellwright, developer: Donkey Crew

You can find it south of Horndean, and west from the Brigands Prison. The good news is that while the road to that place can be dangerous, the area around the resource itself seems to be quite peaceful. Definitely calmer than locations where we have found Tin and Copper.

We have found two places with Iron, they are marked on the screen presented above. However, keep in mind that they will be signed on the map as Tin. While this metal is also there, there is definitely more Iron in these veins. So, don’t worry. You can recognize the proper stone by its red color.

We should also add that in the case of Tin and Copper we have found some loose fragments possible to gather even without mining. However, there were no Iron shards in the area (at least we couldn’t spot any). So, be prepared for some manual labor.

Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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