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News hardware & software 09 August 2021, 19:45

Nvidia Boasts of Success in Counting Cows

Nvidia is more than gaming GPUs. In addition to powerful RTX 3000 chips, it also offers modern business solutions that help solve complex problems. Such as counting cows.

Nvidia boasted on its blog about the use of its own technologies in a system counting cows and monitoring their health created by Plainsight, an American startup and company's partner. As you can see, Nvidia offers not only gaming RTX 3000 cards, but also products and solutions applicable in agriculture or industry.

Plainsight has partnered with JBS USA, one of the world's largest food companies. The American startup uses solutions built on the Nvidia EGX platform, using Nvidia Tesla T4 cards. The developed models count animals with an accuracy of over 99.5 percent, which, as the creators argue, is a result of about 2 percentage points better than in the case of manual counting. The difference may seem small, but in industrial farms with thousands of cows it can mean huge savings.

Nvidia Boasts of Success in Counting Cows - picture #1
Nvidia Tesla T4 chips are used for professional applications, such as counting cows. Source: Nvidia.

But it's not just about counting cows - it's also about visually assessing the condition of the animals. Artificial intelligence replaces humans here too, picking up on differences in the way the cows move and behave. In combination with data on weight, heart rate or temperature, the system is able to identify cows that may have health problems.

Artificial intelligence monitors the health and behavior of cows. Source: Nvidia.

However, that's not all. In partnership with CattlePass, Plainsight also offers digital passport for each animal, created based on NFT tokens, an innovative technology that uses blockchain, similar to cryptocurrencies, including the popular bitcoin (BTC). In the form of such a token the original WWW code, Nyan Cat or a digital version of Steve Jobs' first job application have been auctioned, and in the future perhaps also a cow could be sold in this way. Thanks to NFT, the life history of every cow, its diet, heart rate measurements and other health indicators are stored in a safe way and it is practically impossible to forge them. This profile can be made available to veterinarians or customers. The information can be accessed via a QR code placed on the transport label.

Animal farming may not seem like a very innovative industry, but the idyllic vision of lazily grazing cows on a luscious green meadow is quite far from reality. Huge plants breed thousands of animals and one of the most important issues is to optimize the whole process. AI and new technologies can help with this. However, whether thanks to this the animals will live in better conditions - for now it is difficult to say.

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