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News hardware & software 30 July 2021, 21:56

author: Nicek

Apple Co-founder's Job Application Sold For $340 Thousand

Steve Jobs' first job application went up for auction for the fourth time and reached a record amount. An NFT version was also put up for sale, but it did not have the success of the paper original.

For the first time, this precious keepsake changed hands at the beginning of the year. Handwritten by the co-founder of Apple, the application was purchased for over $200 thousand. This time, however, the auctioned items were two copies of the document - the aforementioned original and its digital version NFT, or Non-Fungible Token (via TechSpot). This means that such a copy is non-exchangeable and unique. Of course, you can repeatedly copy the file to different devices, for example, to make a backup copy, but there will be only one original with the NFT certificate.

Apple Co-founders Job Application Sold For $340 Thousand - picture #1
As you can see, the physical version of the document has reached a higher price. Source: TechSpot.

The willing could therefore participate in two auctions at the same time. Before the auction, you could fill out a survey to decide which item will achieve a higher price. As expected, the paper form won, which was voted for by 80% of people. In the end, the lucky buyer paid a bit over $340 thousand for the physical version of Steve Jobs' job application. The version with the NFT token was auctioned for almost $25 thousand.

The popularity of NFT tokens continues to grow, and the low amount for the electronic version of the job application is the exception rather than the rule. Digital version of WWW's source code, auctioned at the beginning of the month, reached a price of over $5 million. The first tweet of Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey was also sold in a similar way. In this case, the buyer paid more than $2,5 million in Ethereum cryptocurrency, built on blockchain technology, which is responsible for the technical side of NFT.

There is also no shortage of unusual transactions, like the case of one of the most popular memes from 2011 - Nyan Cat. According to Business Insider, the "rainbow kitten" was sold for over $500 thousand. However, the record amounting to nearly $50 million belongs to the buyer of a collage consisting of 5 thousand works by Michael Winkelmann. We must admit, therefore, that NFT has quite a large potential. This technology will certainly stay with us for a long time, but will the Non-Fungible Token format meet with a positive reception?

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