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News video games 12 April 2021, 15:20

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Here's Why Outriders is Taking up More and More Disk Space

Despite its great success, Outriders also suffers from a few problems. One of them is the game's excessive appetite for disk space on players' computers.

  • A Reddit user discovered that Outriders takes up excessive amounts of disk space;
  • The reason for this situation are reports generated by Unreal Engine, which do not automatically deleted after they are sent to its creators;
  • The developers have not yet addressed the problem.

Shortly after the release of Outriders, the creators published a list of known bugs and their potential solutions. It seems that another item must be added to it. It turns out that People Can Fly's game can very quickly take up a lot of space on our hard drive. All because of extensive crash reports.

The problem was discovered by Reddit user Toasteroven47. When he noticed that his SSD is out of space, he decided to check what was causing it. He used WinDirStat, a program that enables us to analyze disk usage. He found the cause of the problem among the files related to Outriders. Specifically, it was the bug reports generated by Unreal Engine.

Files of this type took up as much as 23 GB of disk space. In the comments to the post other users also began to share information about the growing folders with reports. According to their principle of operation, they should be deleted as soon as they are sent to the engine's creators. For some reason, however, bug reports in Outriders remain to be stored in one of the folders and take up large amounts of free space. In the case of some players, a few hours of gameplay was enough to accumulate up to 10 GB of files.

For now, affected players are trying to help each other and show others how to manually delete the unnecessary data. The developers have not yet addressed the problem. However, the number of comments under the post is constantly growing, so it is very likely that information about the bug will soon reach the developers.



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