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Paragon Overprime - Jungle Guide

In this guide, we explain the role of the jungler in Paragon: The Overprime. You will find information about useful tactics and recommended jungler characters.

Paragon: The Overprime is another MOBA game in which the position of jungler plays an important role. In this guide we will describe what the role of a jungler is, what is worth doing in the jungle and recommend some characters for this role.

What is the role of a jungler?

As is the case in many MOBA games, Paragon: The Overprime features the role of a jungler. This is a position that is not assigned to any lane (bot, mid, top). Instead, the player spends most of his time on farming and defeating NPCs, which are located between the lanes. The jungler can and even must also help his team in the form of ganks.

In the jungle there are both ordinary mobs, which mainly reward with experience points and gold, as well as more epic creatures, which additionally endow the player who killed them with a buff called red or blue.

Paragon Overprime - Jungle Guide - picture #1

In addition to farming in the jungle, you should also gank your comrades' other lanes and attack your opponent's jungler, i.e. invade.

In the fifth minute, there will also be an epic creature called the Prime Spirit. It can take on 4 forms, or rather elements: Fire, Water, Earth or Wind. Killing it is much more challenging, but the reward is very tempting. Each element offers different reinforcements for the entire team. In addition, your minions are then also strengthened and your opponents' towers are weakened.

What is a gank?

As a jungler, your goal will not only be to worry about yourself, but also about the team. Your responsibilities include helping other players on your team by entering the ally lane and attacking the enemy. The enemy should not expect you when you perform a gank (this will increase the chance of killing the opponent). It is best to enter the lane at the moment when the opponent has used most of his skills or lost a lot of health and has no way to escape quickly to his tower.

What is invade?

To Invade, or in other words counter-jungle, is to enter the opponent's jungle and start killing creatures and, if the opportunity arises, the enemy jungler. This tactic will enable you to gain an advantage in gold and experience points and force the enemy to do something else.

Paragon Overprime - Jungle Guide - picture #2

It is worth mentioning, however, that this tactic is very risky. Players on the opposing team will come down to help their jungler much faster, so you should be very careful and make the safest possible decisions once you decide to take this step.

List of recommended jungle characters

Not every character is suitable for this role. In general, characters who have skills with crowd control effects and are able to clear camps fast will do best in the jungle. Below are our recommended characters:

  1. Zera
  2. Sevarog
  3. Feng Mao
  4. Kwang
  5. Rampage
  6. Kallari
  7. Grux
  8. Serath
  9. Khaimera

If you are just beginning your adventure with Paragon: The Overprime, it's a good idea to try to jungle with characters such as Feng Mao, Zera, Khaimera or Grux, which are not very complicated characters.

Dawid Lubczynski

Dawid Lubczynski

He completed his first degree studies in journalism. His adventure with Gamepressure began in 2019 when he undertook the difficult art of writing complex game guides. Over the years, became a specialist genre; in his spare time, he reads about mixtures that will help him reduce stress after the thousandth death at the same stage of the game. A huge fan of fighting games (Tekken) who regularly participates in tournaments.


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