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News video games 25 May 2022, 13:58

Trophies, No DLCs But Offline Play; New Info on PS Plus

Sony has answered questions about the PS Plus service. We now know what's going on with trophies in PS1 games and whether the titles available in the library will include DLCs.

PS Plus debuted in some markets in Asia. Thanks to that, we saw how the service actually looks like.

Now Sony has touched on many minor topics, enabling us to look at the issue of subscription rules from the inside, so to speak.

Trophies in retro games independent from Sony

What came as a surprise to some gamers who activated the new PS Plus was the fact that old PS1 and PSP games received trophies. This is of course good news, but unfortunately it only applies to a few titles.

Now we found out what the implementation of achievements actually depends on. Sony has revealed that they are not responsible for adding trophies to old retro games.

This is up to the developers themselves. It is at their initiative that more games will (or will not) receive this kind of novelty in the future.

Fans of such games can only keep their fingers crossed that this special feature will be picked up by many developers as possible.

PS3 games without DLCs

PS Plus also offers the opportunity to use the library of PS3 titles. This collection will grow over time, which can be a big advantage for those who want to replay games from that generation.

It was quickly noted, however, that all the PS3 games available at the moment do not have DLCs. Unfortunately, this will not change in the future.

Sony has confirmed that both existing and future titles will not include any trophies.

This means that players will not have the opportunity to play these games with DLCs. These games are available through streaming, so there is no option to buy the expansions separately.

It is worth noting that the lack of DLCs also applies to streamed PS4 games.

New games every month

Sony also revealed how often we can expect new games in the PS Plus library. According to the company, the list will be updated once a month.

Around the middle of each month players will find new titles on the service. Their number is to vary, however. Sometimes there will be a lot, and other times players will have to suffice with a minimal number of novelties.

It is worth remembering that the monthly update may also mean the removal of some games from the library.

Offline play

We also learned whether the titles downloaded as part of the subscription will be playable offline. It turns out that this option will be possible, but there is one thing.

Every seven days we will have to reconnect to the service to verify that our account is still being paid for.

Of course, this applies only to the PS Plus Extra and Premium plans. Owners of the Essential variant receive games forever, so you do not have to worry about verification.

Easy migration and other news

In a post published on the PlayStation blog you can find even more information about PS Plus. There is an explanation of the migration from the previous version of the service to its new edition, among other things.

Sony also shared the system requirements for streaming games and supported controllers.

If you are thinking about purchasing the service, it is best to study the information provided by the company.

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