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News video games 12 April 2021, 21:00

author: Agnes Adamus

Quantic Dream Acquitted of Racism and Unhealthy Culture

The Paris Court of Appeal has dismissed accusations of unhealthy atmosphere and racism at Quantic Dream. Following the verdict, the company released a statement regarding the entire case.

Three years ago, a scandal broke out involving Quantic Dream. At the time, there were accusations of racism and unhealthy atmosphere at the company and an almost authoritarian way of running it. Eventually, one of the former employees sued the studio. The first verdict, which was announced in mid-2018, found that the fault lay with the employer. But now the situation has changed - on April 7, the Paris Court of Appeal dismissed the charges against the company.

After the verdict, Quantic Dream published a special statement, which included the company's official position on the case and details of the hearings. It shows that the case from three years ago was a deliberate action of a small group of people who wanted to destroy the studio's image.

"More than 10,000 tweets were sent in a few days by a single account on Twitter, with the aim of getting the allegations against the company to the top of the search engines. There is evidence that a very small number of people are behind these actions, which are aimed at deliberately tarnishing the studio’s image and damaging its team."

At the same time, it was emphasized that the company has been subjected to government inspections over the years. They did not find any irregularities in the management. Also, the testimonies of the employees themselves did not confirm that there is an unhealthy atmosphere in the studio.

However, the verdict raises some controversies. A day after its publication, the French trade union Solidaires Informatique published a statement addressed to David Cage. It refers to the interview, which the founder of Quantic Dream gave to IGN, and accuses him, among other things, of sweeping the problems under the rug and exerting pressure on employees.

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