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News video games 08 October 2023, 13:23

author: Adrian Werner

Redfall is Pretty Much Dead But Arkane is Still Trying to Salvage It

Redfall received a new update that, among other things, improved gameplay and finally added a 60 fps option on consoles. However, the game is already in such bad shape that these anticipated changes are unlikely to save it.

Source: Microsoft

Redfall will probably go down in history as the biggest flop of the year, but devs at Arkane are still not ready to abandon the project.

  1. The game's activity results on Steam have dropped to a pitiful level - yesterday's activity record was a mere 58 players.
  2. Moreover, this result refers to the hottest moment of the day and takes into account the increase after the release of the new update. In the past week, there have been moments when Redfall was played by only three people on Steam. It's a four-player co-op game, so it wasn't even possible to form one full team.
  3. Of course, Redfall is also available on Xbox Series X/S, as well as Game Pass (on both PC and consoles), so the the results from Steam do not fully reflect the game's popularity. However, there's no denying that its situation is dire.
Redfall is Pretty Much Dead But Arkane is Still Trying to Salvage It - picture #1
Source: SteamDB.

Redfall - what's new in patch 2

However, Arkane is not yet ready to abandon the game, as evidenced by update number 2, released yesterday. The changes are numerous.

  1. A performance mode on Xbox Series X and S consoles has been introduced, enabling the game to run in 60 frames per second.
  2. PC optimization and stability for numerous hardware configurations have been improved.
  3. A number of bugs have been fixed, both in terms of graphics and gameplay.
  4. Devs improved the interface and accessibility options.
  5. Controls were improved and more options for its configuration were introduced.
  6. Many gameplay improvements have been made. For example, it is now possible to kill cultists silently with pins, and there are more enemies in the open world.

These are just the most important changes. For a full list of new features we refer you to the official website.

The update will most likely be appreciated by that handful of players who are still playing with Redfall, but is unlikely to bring the crowds back to the game.

Recall that Redfall was released on May 2 on PC, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. It is also available as part of Game Pass subscription on all platforms.

Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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