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News video games 11 September 2018, 01:15

author: Mathias Zulpo

Rocksteady is working on a "highly anticipated AAA title", job listing reveals

A highly-anticipated, next-gen title is in the works, one can gather from Rocksteady's careers listing. Still, the creators of Batman Arkham series give us no further details, and it's likely that a year will pass before we can learn more.

Book tickets to Gotham now? Rocksteady – best known for the Batman Arkham seriesis apparently looking for a community manager, whose task will be pulling off an “effective promotional campaign for a highly anticipated, upcoming AAA title.” No further details have been given (duh), but descriptions of other jobs (yup, a whole listing is hanging there) give away that Rocksteady’s next title is “the big thing.

Rocksteady is working on a highly anticipated AAA title, job listing reveals - picture #1
Despite the lukewarm reception of Arkham Knight, gamers are still more than willing to absolve Batman.

A Senior Animator candidate, for instance, should be “ready for the challenge of producing an AAA title on the next generation platforms.” This comes as no surprise, for “next-generation consoles” have been around for so long they kind of lost their “next” bit already. However, Rocksteady is only interested in an employee willing to sign a two-year contract. Hence, it would appear that we’ll have to wait until at least late 2019 before hearing any news whatsoever regarding the game. But if Rocksteady is to make Batman great again, it should be worth it.

Rocksteady is working on a highly anticipated AAA title, job listing reveals - picture #2
Some consider New York to be Metropolis, but ever since Spider-Man came around, there is no place for Superman anymore..

Or perhaps we should be getting ready for a trip to Metropolis? Some rumors indicated that Rocksteady’s next big game would be set in the home of the Superman, rendering him a possible new great superhero of gaming, standing next to Batman and – more recently – Spider-Man. Whoever it is, we sure can’t wait to book the right ticket.