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News video games 04 March 2022, 17:38

Batman: Arkham Trending on Steam After 12 Years

Games from Rocksteady's Arkham series experience a revival. It's probably connected with the premiere of the well-received Batman movie.

  • Games from the Batman: Arkham series experience a surge of popular on Steam;
  • The games can boast a significant increase in active players;
  • It probably has to do with the theatrical release of the new Batman movie.

The list of trending releases on SteamDB is most often occupied by new titles. This time, however, a game from 12 years ago appeared on the 10th spot on the ranking.

We are talking about Batman: Arkham Asylum, the first instalment of the Arkham series from Rocksteady. On the list there is also Arkham Knight, the last part of the series. These games are gaining popularity, which is probably influenced by today's premiere of Batman, starring Robert Pattinson.

Batman Returns

All parts of the Arkham series recorded a sudden increase in the number of players, but it is most visible in the case of the first and last part of the series.

At the peak moment of yesterday, Arkham Asylum was played by 1213 people, which is a really solid result, taking into account the game's age. Arkham Knight could boast the number of 2311 players traversing Gotham at the same time.

In the case of both games we can also clearly see a successive increase in the number of players. Inferring from the charts so far, over time, there may be even more players returning to the old Batmans.

Abandoned project and change of direction

Given the continued interest in Batman, we can speculate whether Rocksteady's decision to abandon the brand was the right one.

Currently, the studio is working on Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. The popularity of Suicide Squad, though great, is certainly not as great as Batman's.

A similar decision was also made by Warner Bros. Games Montreal. Initially, the team was working on the sequel to Arkham Knight. The game had the working name Project Sabbath and was supposed to tell the story of Damian Wayne as Batman.

Eventually, the game was cancelled, and replaced by Gotham Knights. It is the game that will serve as a spiritual heir to the Arkham series. Unfortunately it won't feature Batman as the protagonist.

New Batman movie with great reviews

The increase in popularity of games from Rocksteady's game series should not be surprising. Since today you can watch the new Batman movie, starring Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne.

The premiere is a big cinema event and at the same time a great success as far as the reception by critics and audience is concerned.

Currently Rotten Tomatoes has the movie with 85% positive reviews from journalists and 93% positive reviews from viewers.

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