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News video games 23 January 2020, 13:13

author: Bart Swiatek

Sea Legends Announced - A Sim for Pirates and Sailing Lovers

Game Labs announced Sea Legends, an ambitious simulator of a ship captain, set in the 18th century, intended for PC. The release date is unknown, but we know that the demo will be released in 2020.

In Sea Legends, we'll become a smuggler or buccaneer.

Game Labs has announced Sea Legends - a simulator that will enable us to impersonate a captain of an 18th century ship. The game is to combine realism with simplicity - instead of a complicated interface, we will get common-sense solutions, derived from the experience in game development and sailing.

The game will enable us to create and control our own avatar (there will be a simplified RPG mechanics, with skills and a system of health and injuries), enabling us to steer our ship (using various tools such as a compass, barometer, maps or telescope). We'll be able to move around the deck and hold and even sleep in the captain's cabin. There will also be an option to go ashore - there will be taverns where we will be able to play a number of historical games and talk to other captains (or sing, especially after a glass of rum or few).

The game will initially be a single-player experience. We will be able to become the commander of a smuggler ship, which will mainly deal with the transport of various types of goods in the North Sea and Mediterranean. Alternatively, we will be given the opportunity to play as a buccaneer who attacks enemy merchant ships. Over time, full-fledged pirate and naval officer paths will be added to the game. The creators are also considering introducing an online multiplayer mode.

Both our ship and our crew will be constantly improved. People will have to eat, rest and take care of their wounds (if we treat them badly, they may launch a mutiny). You'll have to take care of the ship and the guns, which are to be susceptible to rot and rust. Ships will be able to change owners and will be described by a number of statistics - the latter will not be known to us, unless we have dealt with the unit before (some weaknesses will also be noticed by properly developed captain's abilities). Ships that will become famous in combat will be able to get a name that will raise fear in the hearts of seamen.

Sea Legends is coming to PC, and the exact release date is unknown, but we know that the demo will be released in 2020.

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Sea Legends

Sea Legends