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News movies & tv series 28 February 2024, 00:52

author: Pamela Jakiel

Shogun with Perfect Reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and Comparisons to Game of Thrones

If you were hesitant to reach for the Shogun series, then after reading reviews from Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes you will no longer have the faintest doubt. Set in feudal Japan, the show is said to be „television at its best”.

Source: Shogun, Justin Marks, FX Productions, 2024

Shogun, the highly anticipated series set in feudal Japan, has been released on Disney+. Based on the reviews, it seems like it will meet the expectations. The adaptation of James Clavell's novel received a positive rating of 100% from critics on Rotten Tomatoes and garnered 83 points on Metacritic. This is a great result, suggesting that it's worth watching the epic series.

Shogun is being hailed as a "revelation" and "a genuine masterpiece," drawing comparisons to Game of Thrones in reviews. Critics claim that the show encompasses the very best that television has to offer. They primarily praise the visuals, but also positively evaluate the plot, character development, and attention to detail. The talented cast also draws attention.

While most critics praise the series, there are also voices pointing out its flaws. Reviewers point out that the romantic storyline was weak, and the screenplay doesn't match the high standard of the visual aspect.

Here are excerpts from the reviews:

FX's 10-episode limited series is a masterpiece, with an extremely talented cast performing in Japanese and English to tell a fascinating story about faith, sacrifice, and ambition. [...] Shogun is television at its best, using its budget to create a gorgeous, immersive world. But never letting spectacle detract from its emphasis on complex character arcs -- IGN Movies.

It's the most transportive TV epic since Game of Thrones. [...] the true secret sauce of epic television: a balance between sweeping grandeur and intimate psychology [...]. As the plot ramps up, Shogun delivers the well-rendered action one would expect from a martial story. [...] There are superficial similarities to Game of Thrones -- five contenders for an empty throne. But it's this focus on people that truly unites the two series, and qualifies Shogun to take up the mantle of thrillingly transportive event TV -- Variety.

It stands apart as a genuine masterpiece. [...] It isn't a Remake -- It's a Revelation -- Time.

It's an epic, ambitious reminder of everything that's great about TV. Though it has its flaws, the show is both a genuine spectacle and genuinely spectacular. And if there's any justice, it should be one of the biggest hits of the year -- Paste Magazine.

From its sprawling monologues to its expertly crafted sets, the series stands out immediately in a landscape where content appears to be more important than art --

Shogun has the look of money all over it -- meaning it is visually lush, bountiful and believable. There is action aplenty, fountains of blood and enough characters to populate a fishing village -- Wall Street Jornal.

FX's epic adaptation boasts extraordinary scale, but is saddled with an ordinary story. [...] It's still a worthwhile watch, all things considered, but the writing never fully measures up to the visuals -- TV Line.

You will find the series Shogun on Disney+.

Pamela Jakiel

Pamela Jakiel

Finished film studies, graduate of the Faculty Individual Studies in the Humanities at the Jagiellonian University. Her master's thesis was about new spirituality in contemporary cinema. The editor of the Filmomaniak service since April 2023, supports the lead editor and the boss of all newspeople. She used to write for naEkranie. If she's not watching The Ninth Gate for the hundredth time, then she's reading books by Therese Bohman and Donna Tartt for the first time. She prefers gnosis over dread, dramas over horrors, Jung over Freud. She looks for symbolist paintings in museums. Runs long distances, and does even the longer ones on a gravel. Loves dachshunds.