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Will There Be Fallout Season 2 on Amazon Prime Video?

Edyta Jastrzebska, 18 April 2024, 23:22

Fallout TV show has debuted on Amazon Prime Video. And although we just got the season 1, there are already questions about whether a season 2 will be created. We check out what's known about it.

Lucy MacLean in Fallout 4 (FO4), What Her Story Is

Damian Gacek, 18 April 2024, 08:22

In this guide we will tell you about Lucy in Fallout 4. Is she a playable character? Can we learn more about her history? Learn answers.

Is the Fallout Show Based on Fallout 4? Answered

Agnes Adamus, 17 April 2024, 07:17

Fallout is a very popular TV series, which takes place in video games’ universe. From our guide you will learn if it is based on Fallout 4.

Lucy Role in the Fallout Game Explained

Aleksander Kartasinski, 16 April 2024, 02:36

If you wonder whether Lucy MacLean can be found in either of Fallout games, here you will find an answer to this question.

Cooper Howard, The Ghoul, Role in Fallout 4 Explained

Damian Gacek, 16 April 2024, 01:51

Cooper Howard is one of the main characters in the Fallout TV series. Let’s learn what The Ghoul's role is in Fallout 4.

Who Is The Ghoul in Fallout TV Show? Walton Goggins Character Explained

Edyta Jastrzebska, 12 April 2024, 01:04

In the Fallout TV series we met Ghoul – a mutant bounty hunter known before as Cooper Howard. Here you will find out who exactly this character is.

What Is The Age Rating of Fallout? Parent’s Guide to New Prime Video TV Show

Edyta Jastrzebska, 11 April 2024, 01:08

Who can watch the Fallout TV series? Here's everything parents should know about it.

How Many Ghostbusters Movies Are There? Here's How to Watch The Series in Chronological Order

Edyta Jastrzebska, 09 April 2024, 01:29

We have prepared for you a full list of Ghostbusters movies and TV series. You will also learn here in what order to watch these productions.

Easter Movies and TV Series on Disney Plus. Best for Family Screenings with Kids

Edyta Jastrzebska, 26 March 2024, 05:19

What to watch on Easter? Here's a list of movies and episodes of TV series from Disney+ that are worth watching.

New The Golden Girls TV Show Explained. Is It Real and Will It Be on Disney Plus in 2024?

Edyta Jastrzebska, 21 March 2024, 23:07

Are The Golden Girls making a comeback? We take a look at recent reports.

Will There be The Gentlemen Season 2 on Netflix?

Edyta Jastrzebska, 07 March 2024, 23:18

The entire season 1 of The Gentlemen TV show has been added to Netflix. Are there any chances that more episodes will be made?

Neuromancer tv show is on the way. Apple is turning William Gibson sci-fi novel into a TV series

Pamela Jakiel, 29 February 2024, 09:56

Neuromancer, a cyberpunk sci-fi novel by William Gibson, is coming to the small screen. Apple is working on a ten-episode TV series adaptation.

Shogun TV series filming locations. Where was it filmed?

Pamela Jakiel, 29 February 2024, 01:42

Shogun impresses viewers with its filming locations. Here's where this well-received production was filmed.

What is Constellation about? Apple TV new series is an intriguing stellar sci-fi thriller

Pamela Jakiel, 28 February 2024, 07:00

Apple TV+ has another interesting proposition for its subscribers. Constellation is a title that should interest fans of mysteries and thrillers. What is this series about?

Shogun with Perfect Reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and Comparisons to Game of Thrones

Pamela Jakiel, 28 February 2024, 00:52

If you were hesitant to reach for the Shogun series, then after reading reviews from Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes you will no longer have the faintest doubt. Set in feudal Japan, the show is said to be „television at its best”.

Where to watch Shogun? Episodes Release Schedule

Pamela Jakiel, 27 February 2024, 00:39

Shogun will debut today on both streaming and television. Where to watch this promising series? There are several options.

Avatar: The Last Airbender 'Fails in Every Way.' Rotten Tomatoes Reviews Prove That Netflix's Series is Far From Perfect

Pamela Jakiel, 26 February 2024, 02:51

The live-action series Avatar: The Last Airbender hasn't especially caught on with critics, and viewers aren't thrilled with it either. Here's what we learn about Netflix's live-action show from reviews.

When Will Young Sheldon Season 7 be on Netflix?

Edyta Jastrzebska, 16 February 2024, 01:00

The final season of Young Sheldon has just debuted. When will we be able to watch it on Netflix and other streaming platforms?

One Day Has a Perfect Score on Rotten Tomatoes. Who Is in the Cast and How Many Episodes Are There?

Edyta Jastrzebska, 09 February 2024, 01:25

One Day promises to be perfect for a Valentine's Day screening. Here’s when you can watch this limited series on Netflix and how many episodes have been made.

When Do New Halo Season 2 Episodes Come Out? Full Release Schedule

Edyta Jastrzebska, 08 February 2024, 23:53

Halo season 2 has finally debuted on Paramount+. When will the next episodes premiere?

Is the Tokyo Vice TV Show Based on a True Story?

Edyta Jastrzebska, 08 February 2024, 02:01

Tokyo Vice shows viewers the world of Japan's underground. Is the series, which tells the story of journalist Jake Adelstein, based on fact?

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Ending Explained

Edyta Jastrzebska, 06 February 2024, 01:29

The new Mr. and Mrs. Smith was a wild ride, which ended after the eighth episode. We explain what happened to the characters in the series finale.

Will There be a Season 2 of Mr. & Mrs. Smith from Amazon Prime Video?

Edyta Jastrzebska, 05 February 2024, 23:23

Mr. & Mrs. Smith is a remake of a spy comedy well known to many movie fans, starring Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Will there be a second season of the series?

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Amazon Prime Video Premiere - When and How are New Episodes Released?

Edyta Jastrzebska, 05 February 2024, 07:00

A treat for fans of spy productions, the Mr. & Mrs. Smith series, is heading to Amazon. When will it premiere and how many episodes will be released? We explain.

When is Avatar: The Last Airbender Coming to Netflix?

Edyta Jastrzebska, 02 February 2024, 04:07

Soon live-action version of Avatar: The Last Airbender will come out on Netflix. Here's when exactly that will happen.

First Look at Gi-Hun in Season 2. When is Squid Game Coming Back to Netflix?

Edyta Jastrzebska, 01 February 2024, 08:34

Squid Game will soon be back on Netflix with new episodes. Here are stills and teaser from season 2 and release date of new episodes.

Will There be Season 2 of Percy Jackson and the Olympian Gods on Disney Plus?

Edyta Jastrzebska, 31 January 2024, 06:23

The finale of Percy Jackson and the Olympian Gods is behind us. So, is anything already known about the second season of the production?

She-Hulk Season 2 is Unlikely. Tatiana Maslany Explains Why

Edyta Jastrzebska, 18 January 2024, 03:11

What about season 2 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law? Tatiana Maslany explains.

Arcane Season 2 First Look Trailer Reveals League Of Legends Monster

Edyta Jastrzebska, 08 January 2024, 06:43

A new teaser trailer for the second season of Arcane has been released. It likely confirms a popular fan theory.

Naughty Dog's New Project Will be More of a TV Show Than a Game

Kamil Kleszyk, 28 December 2022, 13:38

Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann has shed some light on the new project from the creators of The Last of Us. The developers' upcoming work is expected to resemble a TV show.

Fallout TV Production Begins This Year; First Episode Directed by Jonathan Nolan

Miriam Moszczynska, 07 January 2022, 11:34

Work on the first episode of the Fallout TV series is set to begin this year. We got to know the showrunners of the production.

The Witcher 3 Revival on Steam Thanks to Netflix Show

Hubert Sledziewski, 03 January 2022, 11:19

The premiere of Season 2 of Netflix's The Witcher encouraged players to return to CD Projekt RED's trilogy. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt saw the biggest increase in popularity in the bunch.

The Witcher Fans Hated Lauren Hissrich for This Decision; Showrunner Explains [SPOILERS]

Patrick Kubiak, 29 December 2021, 11:22

Netflix Geeked hosted a candid conversation with the creators of The Witcher Season 2. Through it, we learned more about some of the controversial decisions made by the screenwriters.

The Witcher Season 2 Premieres on Netflix

Edyta Jastrzebska, 17 December 2021, 13:39

Today marks the premiere of the long-awaited second season of The Witcher. See how the further fates of Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri will unfold.

Henry Cavill Wants to Play in Mass Effect Series from Amazon

Piotr Sadowski, 14 December 2021, 13:45

The actor known for his role of Geralt of Rivia would love to appear in a series set in the Mass Effect universe.

Halo TV Series on Impressive First Trailer

Adrian Werner, 10 December 2021, 11:36

The first trailer for the Halo TV series was shown during The Game Awards. The TV adaptation of the popular FPS franchise looks impressive.

Mass Effect Devs Want to Help With Amazon's TV Series

Adrian Werner, 27 November 2021, 21:01

Not all BioWare veterans share the opinion of David Gaider, who criticized the idea of a TV adaptation of Mass Effect. The screenwriter and composer of music for the games are excited about the project and would like to help with its realization.

Former BioWare Screenwriter Concerned About TV Adaptation of Mass Effect

Michael Zegar, 25 November 2021, 21:45

The former scriptwriter of the Dragon Age series spoke about the alleged TV adaptation of Mass Effect. He presented what challenges the creators of the project will have to face.

Amazon Prime Video Plans a Mass Effect TV Series

Adrian Werner, 24 November 2021, 12:01

Amazon is about to acquire the rights to a TV adaptation of the Mass Effect series. The company invests in fantasy because it brings good effects. The recent premiere of The Wheel of Time was is being said to be a big success for Prime Video.

Halo TV Series Teaser Released; Premiere in 2022

Agnes Adamus, 15 November 2021, 20:13

During the show celebrating the 20th anniversary of Xbox, a TV series set in the Halo universe was presented. Its premiere is scheduled for 2022.

Work on Fallout TV Series Continues

Miriam Moszczynska, 11 November 2021, 14:27

The series based on the Fallout game series has not been forgotten. The head of Bethesda informed that work on the TV adaptation of the game is still in progress.

The Witcher Season 2 in First Reviews

Ignacy Kruk, 08 November 2021, 15:59

Although the premiere of The Witcher season 2 is still a month away, some people have already had a chance to see the first episodes. Initial impressions seem to herald improvements in many elements, including a more linear storyline and improved technical aspects.

Crab Game - Free Squid Game Clone Goes Big on Steam and Twitch

Adrian Werner, 01 November 2021, 11:55

Modeled on the Squid Game series, the free multiplayer game Crab Game has become a hit on Steam. Streams from the game are also very popular on Twitch.

A live-action Series Based on System Shock is in the Pipeline

Michael Zegar, 13 October 2021, 23:09

Binge intends to prepare a live-action series based on System Shock. The creators of the remake are to be involved in its production.

Netflix Could Make a Video Game Based on Squid Game

Artur Flaga, 13 October 2021, 21:54

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, a Netflix representative said that a video game based on Squid Game is being considered.

Google Play Flooded by Free Games Based on Squid Game; Some Reach 1 Million Downloads

Adrian Werner, 11 October 2021, 11:00

Google Play was flooded by a wave of unofficial games based on the Squid Game series. The most popular of them was downloaded over a million times before it was removed.

Squid Game in Roblox - Ton of Games Trying to Ride on the Show

Michal Ciezadlik, 29 September 2021, 17:21

Korean TV show Squid Game is quite successful on Netflix, but not only there. The production has lived to see its own unofficial games, which are making waves on the Roblox platform.

First Still From HBO's The Last of Us

Adrian Werner, 27 September 2021, 13:37

Producer Neil Druckmann has shared the first still from the TV adaptation of The Last of Us.

Geralt in Combat in New Shot From Netflix's Witcher

Hubert Sledziewski, 20 September 2021, 16:29

A new photo from The Witcher Season 2 has surfaced online. It show Geralt, who appears to be fighting someone... something.

Driver Will Return as Live-action Show

Michael Zegar, 14 September 2021, 18:39

Ubisoft has revealed a plan to adapt the Driver series to TV screens. It is to take the form of a live-action series, exclusive to the streaming platform Binge.