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News video games 27 December 2023, 05:28

author: Adrian Werner

Outstanding Game About Lying Princess Gets Better and Better; Slay the Princess has 97% Positive Ratings on Steam

The excellent adventure game Slay the Princess has received better sound. A patch with new content is also in development.

Source: Black Tabby Games

Slay the Princess, one of the best-rated launches on Steam this year, just got even better.

  1. The game has received an update, which introduces a new, remastered sound design. Dialogues, in particular, have been heavily improved and the strange volume differences that were present in the previous version no longer appear.
  2. The devs warn that there may be some problems when installing the update, and if this happens, you need to use the file verification option on Steam to fix them.
  3. One more small patch is planned, which will fix minor technical issues. It should be released in the coming days. After that, the devs will work on a major update in the form of the so-called The Pristine Cut, which will introduce additional chapters to the story and expand the ones already available.

Recall that Slay the Princess is an unusual narrative adventure game in which our task is to kill the princess. This is by no means an easy task, as despite her innocent appearance she is the embodiment of evil and will exploit our every weakness to dissuade us from completing our mission.

The game debuted this October and is available exclusively on PC. Currently, as part of the winter sale on Steam Slay the Princess has been discounted by 10% until January 4.

The project has met with a very warm reception. On Steam it has 97 percent positive reviews, both counting all those issued since the day of release and those from the last 30 days only. The service categorizes this as an "overwhelmingly positive" reception.

  1. Slay the Princess on Steam

Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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Slay the Princess

Slay the Princess