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News hardware & software 24 May 2019, 12:02

author: Agnes Adamus

Sony's CEO Believes Consoles are a Niche

On May 21 a meeting for Sony investors - Investor Relations Day 2019 took place. As part of the event, the CEO of the Japanese company - Kenichiro Yoshida - spoke on the establishment of cooperation with Microsoft. In his speech, he said that consoles are now a niche in the gaming market.

Sonys CEO Believes Consoles are a Niche - picture #1
Consoles are only a niche on the market?

Sony's cooperation with Microsoft, established a few days ago, was a big surprise. No wonder there were questions. Kenichiro Yoshida, the company's CEO, decided to tell about some of them. During Sony's investor meeting - Investor Relations Day 2019 - he explained the reasons for establishing the cooperation and, what is most interesting, he stated that consoles are a niche in the gaming market.

During the meeting, Kenichiro Yoshida gave reasons why both companies decided to cooperate. One of the most important of these is the sharing of infrastructure for streaming games. This will reduce online lag. Yoshida's answer to the question about the future of gaming and the role of consoles shows how important this industry segment is for Sony. The entire statement can be found here.

“If you look at the game industry as a whole, the console market is not a major market, rather it’s a niche market if you will. But for core gamers, immersive experiences are something we would like to value. In this respect, for the time being, the console as something that brings about computing functionality to the users is very important, but on the other hand, technology will progress and so as I said today, the Remote Play and PlayStation Now, the streaming services will be worked on in parallel, that is what we are doing at this moment.”

The above statement shows that although Sony is still developing the traditional console segment, the branch is gradually losing its importance. Streaming technology, where they see the future of electronic entertainment, is much more important for the Japanese.

This clearly shows that cloud games are beginning to play an increasingly important role in the gaming industry. In addition to the cooperation between Microsoft and Sony in this area, Google has recently announced its own streaming platform.

Agnes Adamus

Agnes Adamus

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