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News video games 14 November 2022, 13:44

author: Adam Adamczyk

Soulstone Survivors - Runes; Everything You Need to Know

In Soulstone Survivors you can get a variety of runes. In this guide you will learn what they are and how to unlock them.

Soulstone Survivors appealed to players for, among other things, combining roguelike mechanics with action-packed gameplay. In the game, you can create a variety of builds and strengthen them over time. In this guide we will introduce the topic of runes, so you will learn what they are and how they can be unlocked..

What are runes in Soulstone Survivors?

Runes can be equipped before the start of the game, so you can improve your stats or get new skills that will make the gameplay even more rewarding. Each rune requires a certain amount of runic power. At the beginning of the game you have 5 such points and this means that you can, for example, equip 5 runes with a power of 1, or 1 powerful rune, which needs as many as 5 points.

Runes are divided into four tiers, and they are:

  1. Legendary
  2. Epic
  3. Rare
  4. Uncommon.

How to unlock runes?

Runes can be unlocked by gaining the ability to equip runes. It can be purchased from the Skill Tree. It is a yellow skill that requires a certain amount of Minor Soulstones. On higher levels you will need more advanced soulstones, such as Vile, which can be obtained after defeating bosses. After acquiring it, you can start unlocking runes. There are quite a few of them and not all of them can be obtained in the same way. To unlock individual runes you need to:

  1. Earn a specific prestige level,
  2. Complete a map with a character within a certain time,
  3. Complete a specific map with curses,
  4. Defeat a given number of opponents.

To learn the requirements of a particular rune, just hover over it with the cursor.

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Soulstone Survivors

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