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News video games 03 October 2023, 11:14

None of Today's Launches Will Relax You as Much as This Game About Trains

Station to Station will go on sale today. We are talking about a relaxing puzzle game in which our task will be to construct train lines and watch life return to the next locations.

Source: Galaxy Grove

One of the games debuting in digital stores today is Station to Station. It's a relaxing puzzle game, which was dedicated to the theme of trains. Galaxy Grove prepared its work with personal computers in mind.

At the moment these words are being written, there about about 6 hours before Station to Station is unlocked on Steam. According to the content of the official announcement from the devs, it will be priced at 17.99 euros. On the occasion of the release, however, you will buy it with a 10% discount.

As if by the way, the devs shared plans for the future of the described project. Over the next few months the game will receive a number of updates introducing new content and features, as well as dealing with potential problems. The first of these is expected to appear in November, the second - in December, while the next will see the light of day in the first quarter of 2024. More details can be found in the announcement.

  1. Galaxy Grove - official website
  2. Station to Station on Steam
None of Todays Launches Will Relax You as Much as This Game About Trains - picture #1

Station to StationSource: Galaxy Grove

  1. Station to Station is a relaxing railroad-themed puzzle game developed by Dutch studio Galaxy Grove.
  2. In the course of the game, we are engaged in constructing railroad connections, building stations and erecting other buildings and laying tracks for the trains. At first, each map is gray and lifeless, but our constructions bring it to life by introducing colorful plants and animals.
  3. While the main goal of the game is to provide relaxing gameplay, for those looking for additional challenges, there are optional tasks on each map that may require extra effort and cleverness.

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Station to Station

Station to Station