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News video games 19 May 2021, 15:27

author: Milosz Szubert

Steam Made Another Attempt at Fixing Bug in Biggest Game Libraries

Earlier this week Steam received a new update. According to the official description, one of its main features is another attempt to eliminate the bug that caused owners with 25,000 or more games in their libraries to experience the program crashing or shutting down.

  1. The Steam client received a new update;
  2. Among other things, it eliminates several bugs, such as app's malfunction when someone has more than 25,000 games in the library or during installation of new items.

Some time ago we wrote about Steam's record-breakers, who own more than 25,000 games in their libraries. It's possible that Valve did not predict that someone could assemble such a large collection. We can deduce this from the fact that people who managed to do so could experience problems with freezing or spontaneous shutdowns. The first attempt to fix this bug took place in April, but apparently it did not fully succeed. Earlier this week Steam received another update, one of the main features of which is fixing the exact same bug. Will it be eliminated for good this time? Let's hope so.

The latest Steam update, however, also has a few things to offer for owners of slightly less impressive game collections. Bugs associated with installing new games (especially if we have a lot of titles in our library) and the subsequent verification of their files have been eliminated. Improvements have also been made to Steam Input (new joystick configuration options have been added, and a minor issue with the wheel menu has been fixed) and Steam Remote Play (e.g. bugs causing the streaming client to crash when starting or playing).

Valve did not forget about people who have the Steam app installed on macOS and Linux. The former, apart from the aforementioned changes, can enjoy a fix for the bug associated with entering data in the browser with the mouse. While the latter received, among other things, improved diagnostics.

Steam Made Another Attempt at Fixing Bug in Biggest Game Libraries - picture #1
The new Steam update is now available.

The notice about Steam's latest update should appear soon after we launch the app. If you are thirsty for additional details on the changes, you can find them here.

  1. Steam - official website

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