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News video games 20 January 2017, 16:38

author: luckie

STRAFE may be the most violent game ever made, launching in March

Meet STRAFE, a ridiculously violent first-person shooter rooted in the 1990s' classics, in which you get to see an absurd amount of blood and guts. It's from Devolver Digital after all, so what did you expect?

OK, this one is weird. Devolver Digital have proudly announced the release date of STRAFE, an uber-gory first-person shooter by Pixel Titans (really, the amount of blood and guts in this game is ridiculous). The game is coming out on Steam on March 28, 2017 – so says the new trailer.

STRAFE intends to preserve the experience of 1990s’ shooters with its high-speed gameplay, 32-bit color graphics and uncompromising approach to violence (it even has a banned commercial, which you really shouldn’t watch while eating). Rules are simple: you are put in the shoes of a soldier who runs through endless, randomly generated corridors and shoots everyone he encounters. Upon dying enemies explode with almost unending fountains of blood, which turn everything around them grittily red – this, by the way, is governed by an in-house technology called Uber-Gore Tech V2.0. The game also offers a variety of upgradeable weapons and loads of secrets to uncover. Interestingly, STRAFE features Oculus Rift support so that you can take a dive in the bloodbath.



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