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News movies & tv series 29 April 2021, 14:33

author: Adrian Werner

The Boys Season 3 Will Be Bloodier and Darker

Actor Laz Alonso revealed that the third season of The Boys will be even more violent than the previous two. On top of that, he informed what stage the new episodes are at.

We'll be waiting a long time for the premiere of new episodes of The Boys, so we welcome with interest every scrap of information about the third season. A lot of it came out in Laz Alonso's interview for Collider. The conversation focused mainly about The Wrath of Man, but the editors also asked about Amazon's anti-superhero series.

Through this we learned that the third season of The Boys will be both darker and much more violent. The episodes so far have been quite edgy in those respects, but the elements are set to be cranked up even more in the next chapter of the story.

The darker vibe will mainly be due to Soldier Boy, played by Jensen Ackles. Not only is the character himself supposed to be quite grim, but his appearance will also make the other superheroes darker. Unfortunately, Alonso didn't reveal any details.

The actor has been much more talkative when it comes to increased brutality. He recently spoke with the head of the characterization department. She told him that a gallon (just under 3.8 liters) of fake blood was needed for the second season. By contrast, 3.5 gallons have already been used for the third series, and the production is not even halfway complete.

Alonso also assured that work on the third season is progressing as planned, despite the pandemic situation. Those involved in the series are being tested on a regular basis and so far no interruptions took place.

The actor estimates that shooting for the third season is 25-50% complete. This means the work will still take some time, and after that the show will need extensive post-production. However, we hope that we will see the new episodes this year.

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