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News movies & tv series 06 February 2021, 17:12

author: Karol Laska

There Will be no MCU x Star Wars Crossover

A journalist asked the head of Marvel Studios a rather strange question, the content of brushed on the crosover between Star Wars and MCU. The answer he received rather dispelled all doubts.

The world of comic books has accustomed us to the fact that it doesn't have too many boundaries and fictional universes can intermingle with each other during special events, in which well-known pop-culture heroes join forces to save the Earth from another danger. This was the case with Justice League and Avengers or X-Men with the Enterprise crew. So far this type of crossovers has not been accepted in the movie medium, but who knows - maybe next years will surprise us completely in the respect.

And why did we decide to take up such a topic at all? It has to do with the recent words of Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel Studios. One of Yahoo Entertainment's reporters, Kevin Polowy, asked him wheter he was considering the aforementioned special events that would cross the MCU universe with another fictional universe for a while, and if it could be Star Wars.

There Will be no MCU x Star Wars Crossover - picture #1
Yoda's face when he heard the question about a Star Wars and MCU crossover.

Feige replied that there is no chance for such a crossover. However, he mentioned that if we had been told some time ago what superhero films we would be seeing in cinemas now, we would also have considered it an unlikely scenario. This means MCU's boss showed quite a bit of diplomatic skills by cutting off the topic for the moment, but not saying a definitive "no" in terms of the future.

It's hard for us to imagine Star Wars in Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Feige has a point. Who would have thought in the late 20th century that a show as complex and spectacular as Avengers: Endgame could succeed, featuring dozens if not hundreds of characters familiar from the comics and movies on screen. We don't know how far the 10th muse will go in 10-15 years, so let's not make too hasty assumptions now.

Karol Laska

Karol Laska

His adventure with journalism began with a personal blog, the name of which is no longer worth quoting. Then he interpreted Iranian dramas and the Joker, writing for cinematography journal, which, sadly, no longer exists. His writing credentials include a degree in film studies, but his thesis was strictly devoted to video games. He has been writing for Gamepressure since March 2020, first writing a lot about movies, then in the newsroom, and eventually, he became a specialist in everything. He currently edits and writes articles and features. A long-time enthusiast of the most bizarre indie games and arthouse cinema. He idolizes surrealism and postmodernism. He appreciates the power of absurdity. Which is probably why he also tried soccer refereeing for 2 years (with so-so results). He tends to over-philosophize, so watch out.


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