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News video games 25 June 2023, 23:56

author: Adrian Werner

Total War: Rome 2 Updated After Nearly 10 Years

Total War: Rome 2 has received a new update that improves performance and fixes the problems experienced on the latest Intel processors. Unfortunately, in the process, the game lost the chat system.

Source: Sega

Creative Assembly has released a new update for 2013's Total War: Rome II.

  1. The patch introduces changes to the game's engine, making better use of the architecture of modern PCs and offering better performance.
  2. It also fixed the game freezing when running on CPUs with more than 32 logical processors.
  3. Unfortunately, at the same time the game's integrated chat system was disabled, as according to the devs it was outdated. However, the developers are currently studying ways to restore this feature in an upgraded form.
  4. Until the new chat system is in place, the developers recommend using programs from other developers that provide such functionality, especially Discord, where the Total War series has an official channel.

It is worth mentioning that this is the first new update in five years for Total War: Rome II. However, it was badly needed, as the game did not run properly on Intel's latest processors.

Last month, identical updates were rolled out for Total War: Shogun 2 and Total War: Napoleon. A month earlier, the first in many years patch was released for Empire: Total War, offering similar engine improvements, as well as removing the integrated chat system.

Still to be patched is the 2015's Total War: Attila, but for now Creative Assembly has not stated when or even if it will happen at all. However, it's hard to imagine that the devs would skip just this one project, so we expect that it too will receive an analogous patch soon.

Finally, let us remind you that Total War: Rome II was released in September 2013. The game is available exclusively on PC. Despite being almost ten years old, the title is still very popular - testerday on Steam at the hottest moment of the day it was played by 6475 users simultaneously.

Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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Total War: Rome II

Total War: Rome II

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