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News video games 06 July 2023, 12:06

author: Maciej Gaffke

Hardcore Tactical FPS Underdog Throws Down the Gauntlet to Escape From Tarkov

We The People has not raised the designated amount during its crowdfunding campaign. However, the devs are not giving up on developing their independent project.

Source: Small Indie Company

We The People is presented by the developers as a hardcore tactical FPS set in a post-apocalyptic world (specifically, in the northwestern part of the United States). Unfortunately, such a combination didn't convince too many players to donate money to the project's development - the game's fundraiser on Kickstarter turned out to be a failure.

We The People raised... 5% of the designated amount on Kickstarter

To date, 109 backers have contributed to the development of the project, which has raised just over $9,000. The goal was $200,000, which means less than 5% of the targeted amount was collected. Although there are still three days left until the end of the campaign, the developers of the game - Small Indie Company - have already thanked the backers and revealed what's next for We The People.

"Will we continue to develop We The People, even if the fundraising is not successful? Of course! The goal is to complete the process with or without additional funding. Although our development cycle will take longer, WTP will live on. For those of you who are still interested in supporting our project, participating in the alpha testing of the multiplayer game, as well as receiving early copies of the game and unique rewards available only to backers, please visit our Patreon," reads the message on Kickstarter.

Small Indie Company is not laying down its arms. The team, made up of war veterans and developers, intends to persevere with their plan no matter the circumstances.

We The People at the recent Steam Next Fest

This tactical FPS appeared at the recent Steam Next festival, which ran from June 19 to 26. The developers presented us with a technical demo of We The People, which attracted the attention of some 2 million users, according to Small Indie Company. Participation in this festival alone was the first stage of the game's published development roadmap.

Hardcore Tactical FPS Underdog Throws Down the Gauntlet to Escape From Tarkov - picture #1

We The People development mapSmall Indie Company

The next milestone is expected to be a second demo, followed by early access and the official release of the game on Steam. These plans have certainly become more complicated after the failed fundraiser, and it is ultimately uncertain whether they will be realized, even if the studio does not intend to give up on its game.

We The People was described as a competitor to Escape From Tarkov. However, it seems that few are interested in another shooter focusing on a similar theme, although according to the announcement We The People is expected to offer realistic shooting physics or send players to a settlement between rounds so they can gather equipment..

  1. We The People - official website

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