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News movies & tv series 16 May 2024, 23:21

Will There Be Shogun Season 2?

The premiere of the Shogun finale is behind us. What's next for the TV series? Are there plans for a season 2? We check it.

Source: Shogun, Rachel Kondo and Justin Marks, FX, 2024

Shogun season 1 has come to an end. The epic tale, which captivated viewers and was billed as "the most transportive TV epic since Game of Thrones," has been followed by millions of people over the past weeks, who will now have to say goodbye to it. The question is whether forever or only for a some time. We hasten to answer.

Will Shogun have a season 2?

If you've seen the finale, you'll surely know that it brought the whole story to a close. The season 1 succeeded in presenting everything James Clavell wrote in his book, on which the TV show was based, so the creators have no more material from that story to adapt. But although they had previously claimed that they were creating Shogun as a limited series with no plans to develop it further, it looks like their plans have changed somewhat.

Shogun has been a huge success, enjoying great popularity. And it looks like the creators don't want to part with their creation yet, which is expected to stay with them for quite a long time. It has just been announced that work is underway on season 2 and season 3 of Shogun. That's right, the creators believe in their work so much and have so many ideas that they intend to continue the production for two more seasons. Provided the work goes well.

FX and Hulu will work with estate of author James Clavell to develop the story for two more seasons. Shogun creators Justin Marks, Rachel Kondo, Michaela Clavell and Hiroyuki Sanada are, of course, involved in the project.

You can watch the entire Shogun TV show on Hulu.

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