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News video games 21 October 2022, 16:18

author: Kamil Kleszyk

Creator of The Sims and SimCity Prefers Cash; His New Game May Disappoint

Will Wright, creator of such hits as The Sims and SimCity, has revealed a controversial project he is currently working on. VoxVerse - as it is referred to - is an NFT-based game.

Will Wright is a person well known in the world of video games. Suffice it to recall that the legendary creator was involved in the development of such brands as The Sims or SimCity - series that have gained iconic status. Unfortunately, nothing great has come out from under his hand for a long time (his last work is Spore from 2008). There are many indications that the famous designer is making a comeback, although his new work will not necessarily appeal to the fans.

VoxVerse - a handful of information

In an interview with Axios the creator revealed that VoxVerse - because that is the name of the upcoming production - is a virtual world housed in a sizable cube. Inside it, players will be able to mine valuable resources, as well as establish and develop relationships with other participants. Their characters, in turn, will be based on unique avatars with randomly generated traits (VOX).

NFT... and the spell is broken

All this sounds quite interesting and innocent, but the moment we learn that the title is being developed in cooperation with Gala Games (a company focusing its attention on blockchain games), a red flag pops up.

As it turns out, Gala Games is currently engaged in selling loot boxes for the game. They are to include avatars modeled after characters from animations, among others Trolls or the TV series The Walking Dead. The price of one character is nearly $1,300.

Interestingly, in an interview with reporters Wright somewhat distances himself from NFT, saying that I don't really "want to be in the business of selling tokens," and that he's only interested in "secure transactions between players.".

Take advantage of "big-shots"

The creator believes that the main goal of VoxVerse is to attract as many players as possible focusing on the free-to-play aspect of the game.. On the other hand, he sees nothing wrong with using a little of the so-called "big shots" operating NFTs to help the game's development.

Perhaps Wright's presence will make him bring some of his experience to the project, but the controversy over the use of NFTs nevertheless calls into question the possible success of the game.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the release date of VoxVerse has not yet been announced.

Kamil Kleszyk

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