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Spectacular Teaser of MindsEye; GTA Rival From Former Rockstar North Leader

Michal Ciezadlik, 24 March 2023, 12:55

A teaser of MindsEye, a part of the ambitious Everywhere project by Build a Rocket Boy, a studio founded by the former head of Rockstar North, has hit the web. It will be a full-fledged AAA game... inside another AAA game.

This Sandbox Looks Beautiful, But Its Demo Bored Me Out

Darius Matusiak, 22 March 2023, 14:33

The demo version of Atlas Fallen brings unfortunate associations with Forspoken, but on the other hand, it was only a small part of a large action RPG. The game might have enough legs thanks to gameplay, because the lore promises to be quite generic.

Sun Haven is Steam's Newest Hit; Game Tailor-made for Stardew Valley Fans

Jakub Tarchala, 20 March 2023, 15:05

Fans of Stardew Valley are in for quite a treat - Sun Haven, very is similar in gameplay premise, is conquering Steam and collecting great reviews. The developers are not idle and have big plans for the future.

Can You Date or Marry Multiple Characters in Sun Haven? Romance Options Explained

Adam Adamczyk, 20 March 2023, 14:50

You can encounter many NPCs in Sun Haven. In this guide you will learn the full list of romance options in the game. Learn also whether you can romance or marry several characters at the same time.

Sun Haven - Best Money Making Methods

Adam Adamczyk, 20 March 2023, 14:00

Currency plays an important role in Sun Haven. In this guide, you will learn some good methods to make money.

Stardew Valley Conquered the World; What are Gamer Expectations From Eric Barone's New Work?

Adam Adamczyk, 17 March 2023, 16:06

Eric Barone, known as ConcernedApe, rarely shares information about his new game, Haunted Chocolatier. Here's what players expect from this title.

Lost Letter in Sun Haven; Who is the Mail Carrier?

Adam Adamczyk, 15 March 2023, 13:44

Have you received a Lost Letter in Sun Haven and don't know who the Mail Carrier is? You can find out everything in the guide below.

Ton of New Features Coming to Minecraft in Update 1.20: Trails & Tales

Zuzanna Domeradzka, 03 March 2023, 12:23

A major update 1.20: The Trails & Tales is coming to Minecraft this year. See what, besides the adorable Sniffer, the patch will bring to the game.

Minecraft Bedrock Players Waited Years for this Feature

Jacob Blazewicz, 02 March 2023, 13:10

A Minecraft video has leaked onto the web, showing a novelty that fans have been looking forward to for quite some time.

No Man's Sky: Fractal Takes Immersion to Space on PS5

Hubert Sledziewski, 23 February 2023, 11:50

No Man's Sky received patch 4.1 (Fractal), which added support for PS VR2 goggles. But not only that - as the update hit all platforms and added a new expedition, called Utopia.

One Passionate Dev Made Space Mount and Blade and Earns Praise on Steam

Hubert Sledziewski, 20 February 2023, 13:40

One man with a passion has created a game that resembles Mount & Blade in space by the sheer enormity of its possibilities. Gamers hope Starfield will match his creation.

How to Get Yolky Slime in Slime Rancher 2; New Secret Slime Explained

Agnes Adamus, 17 February 2023, 15:44

The patch for Slime Rancher 2 introduced Yolky Slime into the game. In this guide you will find out where to find it.

Bannerlord Now on Xbox Game Pass

Kamil Kleszyk, 14 February 2023, 15:16

As previously announced, the game Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord has been added to the Xbox Game Pass service.

Terraria Dev Wants to Make Player Dream Come True; This Year is to be Special

Wiktor Szczesny, 01 February 2023, 15:17

Crossplay in Terraria is one of the biggest dreams of fans of this highly-popular game, currently available on multiple platforms. It seems that 2023 may finally prove to be a breakthrough in this regard. This is confirmed by the developers.

First Person Perspective Mod for Ghost Recon Breakpoint Explained

Agnes Adamus, 25 January 2023, 15:20

If you would like to play Ghost Recon: Breakpoint in FPP, you can find out here if there is a modification that will enable you to do so.

Shipbuilding in Starfield in Detail

Jacob Blazewicz, 18 January 2023, 11:53

Bethesda is in no hurry to show new gameplay from Starfield, so players can only to analyze (or recall) previous information on ship customization.

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora May be a Bit Different Than Ubisoft's Typical Sandbox

Adrian Werner, 06 January 2023, 12:39

Interesting rumors have surfaced online about the gameplay in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, which is being developed by Ubisoft-owned studio Massive.

RDR2 Just Got Even More Beautiful With New Texture Pack [UPDATE]

Kamil Kleszyk, 03 January 2023, 18:15

A developer has released a high-resolution texture pack for Red Dead Redemption 2. Thanks to the mod, the graphics, which were eye-pleasing several years ago, now look even better.

Satisfactory - DNA Points Explained

Damian Gacek, 03 January 2023, 14:41

If you want to learn what DNA Points are in Satisfactory and how to acquire them, you've come to the right place. In this article we will tell you how to get Awesome Sink coupons.

New Game by Stardew Valley Devs is 'Big, Ambitious,' and Inspired by Diablo 2

Jacob Blazewicz, 22 December 2022, 00:10

Haunted Chocolatier is expected to be a markedly different game from Stardew Valley, with the developer taking inspiration from Diablo II (and RollerCoaster Tycoon), among others.

Starfield Will Randomly Generate Extensive Quests; New Details

Agnes Adamus, 15 December 2022, 12:52

We've learned more details about Starfield. They show that random quests will be more extensive than in previous Bethesda games and companions will play a bigger role in our adventures.

Stardew Valley Fan Added Option to Earn as Chef

Adrian Werner, 11 December 2022, 21:48

The agricultural RPG Stardew Valley has received a modification that enables you to work as a cook.

Minecraft Taps Into Private Data to Test Whether Players are 'Having Fun'

Jacob Blazewicz, 17 November 2022, 15:36

Minecraft is testing more changes from update 1.19.3. Snapshot 22w46a introduces interesting features, but will also enable Mojang to collect more data on the players.

Astro Colony Miner; How to Mine?

Adam Adamczyk, 08 November 2022, 12:54

In Astro Colony you can create an automatic mine. In this guide you will learn how to properly set up a Mine, activate Miners and what mistakes to avoid.

Terraria's Romance With Dead Cells; Next Patch Brings Interesting Crossover

Adam Adamczyk, 08 November 2022, 12:40

Terraria will receive another „final” patch. It will introduce content related to the iconic Dead Cells.

Here's a Useful Resource Map for Bannerlord

Hubert Sledziewski, 31 October 2022, 15:45

A fan of Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord has created a detailed map of all the resources available in the game. It can help you optimize your income from trade, as well as get the resources needed for blacksmithing cheaply.

Terraria Sets Another Record on Steam

Adam Adamczyk, 25 October 2022, 15:32

Terraria is going like a storm. The game is immensely popular and has set an exceptional record.

Creator of The Sims and SimCity Prefers Cash; His New Game May Disappoint

Kamil Kleszyk, 21 October 2022, 16:18

Will Wright, creator of such hits as The Sims and SimCity, has revealed a controversial project he is currently working on. VoxVerse - as it is referred to - is an NFT-based game.

Player Who Has Lost 6,000 Hours in RDR 2 on Stadia Will be Saved

Kamil Kleszyk, 21 October 2022, 15:25

It looks like the story of the player who spent more than 6,000 hours in Red Dead Online - the online mode of Red Dead Redemption 2 - will end happily. Rockstar has announced that Stadia users will be able to transfer progress from RDO to other platforms.

Can You Play Coral Island on Steam Deck? Settings and controls tips

Damian Gacek, 20 October 2022, 11:20

In this article we will discuss the performance of Coral Island on Steam Deck. We will tell you what you need to do to make the game work quite smoothly.

Sniffer Wins Minecraft Live Mob Vote 2022

Hubert Sledziewski, 17 October 2022, 15:02

During the Minecraft Live 2022 event, the winner of this year's Mob Vote was announced. It turned out to be Sniffer, who outclassed all rivals. Microsoft and Mojang also revealed some of the new features that will hit the game in patch 1.20.

Coral Island - Fast Travel and Festival List

Adam Adamczyk, 17 October 2022, 14:09

To unlock fast travel in Coral Island, you need to complete certain tasks beforehand. In this guide you will learn how to do them and when the festivals start.

Major Update 4.0 for No Man's Sky Just Around the Corner; Adds Relaxed Mode

Jacob Blazewicz, 04 October 2022, 11:01

Hello Games is preparing version 4.0 of No Man's Sky, although the new big update will be slightly different from previous ones.

Terraria's Highly Anticipated Labor of Love Patch Goes Live

Adam Adamczyk, 29 September 2022, 13:28

The Labor of Love update for Terraria is now available. The developers have made many changes and added a lot of additional content.

Satisfactory - Boombox and Tapes

Agnes Adamus, 27 September 2022, 17:13

Boom Box is one of the novelties that came to Satisfactory with Update 6. Here you will find out where to get it and the cassettes that enable you to listen to music on it.

All Slimes in Slime Rancher 2

Adam Adamczyk, 23 September 2022, 14:18

In Slime Rancher 2 you can encounter a lot of cute, though sometimes dangerous creatures on your way. In this guide I present a list of all the slimes in the game.

Rockstar Addresses GTA 6 Leak in Official Statement

Jacob Blazewicz, 19 September 2022, 16:28

Rockstar Games is disappointed by the massive data leak and unofficial reveal of Grand Theft Auto 6.

Mojang Asks How to Improve Minecraft; Players Distrustful

Jacob Blazewicz, 15 September 2022, 15:00

Mojang has prepared a survey to help improve Minecraft. However, fans of the popular sandbox do not believe in the sincerity of the developer's intentions.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Ultrawide Fix

Agnes Adamus, 13 September 2022, 16:22

Disney Dreamlight Valley does not offer official support for ultra widescreen resolutions. However, a fan-made patch has been created to solve this problem.

RDR2 Not Quite Dead Yet; Sizable RDO Update Goes Live

Agnes Adamus, 07 September 2022, 20:54

Red Dead Online, the online module of Red Dead Redemption 2, has received a surprise update that introduces, among other things, new telegram missions.

Minecraft in Minecraft is a Thing Now

Miriam Moszczynska, 07 September 2022, 12:41

Minecraft in Minecraft is no longer a joke - a group of youtubers actually did it. The in-game game they have created was several months in the making, and the result is astonishing.

Conan Exiles Magic - Beginner's Guide

Adam Adamczyk, 05 September 2022, 15:19

The latest update to Conan Exiles has introduced magic. In this guide you will learn the basics about spellcasting.

Big Mod to Add Missing San Andreas Locations to GTA 5, Double Map Size

Jacob Blazewicz, 01 September 2022, 13:04

The ambitious Las Venturas Project mod will add 70 square kilometers of terrain familiar from GTA: San Andreas to Grand Theft Auto V.

Terraria is a Phenomenon; First Such Record on Steam

Przemyslaw Dygas, 30 August 2022, 13:54

Terraria has achieved something that no other game has managed to do on Steam.

Terraria 2 is Being Made After All? Map Concept Revealed

Przemyslaw Dygas, 29 August 2022, 20:59

Terraria 2 may be coming into being after all. The developer of the game published a map concept on his Twitter account, stirring the imagination of players.

How to Get Exocraft in NMS?

Przemyslaw Dygas, 29 August 2022, 12:54

Exocraft is a type of vehicle in No Man's Sky that will help you explore the surface of planets. Here you will learn how to get one.

New Action RPG Combine Assassin's Creed With Wuxia

Przemyslaw Dygas, 24 August 2022, 13:56

Everstone has announced an ambitious RPG called Where Winds Meet. It will transport us to the vast open world of medieval China.

Bannerlord on Time; New Trailer Available

Hubert Sledziewski, 23 August 2022, 19:53

TaleWorlds has confirmed that it has no plans to delay Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord. The game will be released as planned. At the same time, the developer has released a new trailer.

Saints Row Launch; System Requirements, Pricing and Other Info

Przemyslaw Dygas, 23 August 2022, 11:30

Today marks the release of the new installment of Saints Row. The first reviews have already appeared online, and we know the game's system requirements and price.

One Screenshot From Stardew Valley Dev Electrified the Community

Adam Adamczyk, 22 August 2022, 13:46

The creator of Stardew Valley shares a screenshot and theme music from Haunted Chocolatier. The fans are delighted.