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News video games 11 March 2022, 14:52

author: Michal Ciezadlik

Windows to the Rescue - PC Games Playable on Google Stadia

There are many indications that Google will soon come up with a solution to run Windows-based games on its cloud gaming platform Stadia.

The past year has not been kind to Google's cloud gaming service Stadia, as evidenced by a report published in February by Business Insider.

This does not mean that the project has been written off, as evidenced by the emerging information, suggesting Google has developed a solution to enable Windows games to run on Stadia.

When in doubt, run Windows

Google's service runs on a modified version of Linux OS, which causes many problems for game developers who want to run their games on it. It requires additional work, as most titles are designed for Windows PCs and consoles.

  • Google is expected to announce the creation of its Windows emulator during the Google for Games Summit, which will take place on March 15.
  • As noted by Reddit users, one of the panels at the event will be devoted to "creating a Windows emulator for Linux from scratch".
  • The panel will be led by Marcin Undak, who works in the porting department of Google Stadia. An interesting fact is that the developer worked at CD Projekt RED at the time.
  • If the company indeed manages to create an effective imitation of that operating system, it will be a step towards making it easier for developers to create games for Stadia and, consequently, increasing the base of titles available to play in the cloud.

This move could significantly improve the project, which recently has not been doing too well. Earlier it was reported about the possible strengthening of cooperation between Stadia and publishers such as Capcom and Bungie. Assuming the platform has its own system imitating Windows, it may not be necessary.

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