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News video games 03 April 2023, 15:18

Players Unhappy With Changes to World of Warcraft's Most Popular Activity

Blizzard has decided to refresh Mythic in World of Warcraft with new modifiers and changing one of the more annoying ones. At this point, the result of the work is highly unsatisfactory.

For many years now, Mythic has been probably the most popular endgame activity in World of Warcraft. The race against time and the fight against mobs and modifiers for the best loot attracts players because of its accessibility and the lack of the need to organize 20 people, as in the case of Mythic raids.

With the Embers of Neltharion update come changes to this activity. Seasonal modifiers will disappear and be replaced by new ones in the standard pool. So far, this has not been appreciated by fans of the game.

New difficulties in Mythic need balancing

On the test servers World of Warcraft you can already check out new modifiers that will enhance the hours spent on Mythic. Unfortunately, the developers failed to achieve an effect that would be satisfactory to players..

  1. Blizzard decided to take one of the more annoying raid mechanics and make life much harder for healers.
  2. The best evidence of this is the changes to the explosives. They appear less, but at the same time have definitely more health.
  3. Posts on Reddit show that players prefer to completely ignore the burning bullets and let them explode. After that, the healer is responsible for healing this massive damage.

The most annoying, however, has to be the inconspicuous Entangling, which at random times slows players down by as much as 50%.. In theory, there's nothing hard about it - especially since it's enough to walk a short distance and the entangling roots break off. Problems begin when the slowdown occurs during mechanics that require fast dodges or when the tank takes on a large number of enemies, but will be stopped almost dead in tracks.

So there is still a lot of work ahead of the developers. Evidently, the new modifiers work in an interesting way, but only in an environment where there are no enemies. The problem is that the new affixes activate in combat, and with them a fair number of deaths will not be difficult.

Embers of Neltharion is an update to World of Warcraft, scheduled for May 2023 (it is currently being tested). Players will be able to explore the Zaralek Cavern area and gain powerful loot in the Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible raid. There will also be a new dragon mount and a new underworld pool in Season 2 of Mythic .

Zbigniew Woznicki

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