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News video games 05 September 2023, 15:14

author: Adam Celarek

It Only Took Two Words to Destroy Dreams of a Pirate Expansion for WoW

Rumors have been circulating in the WoW community for some time regarding the next expansion for this popular MMO game. However, the director of Blizzard Entertainment has squashed one of the more popular theories related to the game's future.

Source: Blizzard Entertainment

On the occasion of the upcoming BlizzCon (the event will be held in November), many fans of World of Warcraft have started speculating about the next major expansion for this popular MMORPG. There have been rumors among some fans about a potential DLC with a nautical theme and starring pirates.

Unfortunately, a recent tweet by Blizzard Entertainment director Mike Ybarra buried fan hopes about a nautical expansion to WoW.

Absent pirates

Player theories about the pirate theme of the next DLC were based on small indications, such as the recently released costume sets or items found in the location called Forbidden Reach.

Although subtle, these signs raised the hopes of some in the WoW community, who waited with bated breath for official information on the new expansion.

During the online discussion related to the future of Blizzard's MMO, the studio's director himself spoke out. With a brief comment, he cooled the enthusiasm of gossiping fans, clearly informing that the latest expansion will not contain "any pirates".

It Only Took Two Words to Destroy Dreams of a Pirate Expansion for WoW - picture #1
Source: Mike Ybarra;

Players' reactions to the aforementioned news turned out to be extremely divided. Part of the community was disappointed that the dream of a pirate DLC had been buried:

"Damn. I WANTED pirates," wrote @RetPallyJil

"I'm... a little disappointed, I had modest hopes for pirates and exploration...," concludes @Boonzato

"No pirates, no subscriptions," says @djtyrant

Among fans, however, there were also opponents to the idea of a pirate DLC, who instead expected a slightly different direction for a future expansion:

"I hope it means something with the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor!," declares Theshadowhunte6

"And well. Pirates are boring!," writes @hypothesizethat

Regardless of fan sentiment, all signs point to World of Warcraft community having to wait a little longer for official news on the next major expansion.

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