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News video games 09 June 2022, 18:39

author: Miriam Moszczynska

Xbox Announces Project Moorcroft; Game Pass' Answer to PS Plus Demos

Microsoft has announced Project Moorcroft, which is Game Pass' answer to PS Plus demos, designed to provide an experience similar to testing upcoming blockbusters at E3. The initiative will launch next year.

Yesterday we informed about a leak, according to which game demos would be added to Game Pass. As it turns out, Tom Henderson was right (yet again), and w today Microsoft announcemed Project Moorcroft, which will enable subscribers to test game demos.

Project Moorcroft

The initiative is set to launch next year. It will enable gamers to try out games - initially mainly those from independent developers - as part of their Game Pass subscription.

In turn, developers sharing their productions on Project Moorcroft will be able to see what kind of reception they're getting and respond accordingly.

What's more, Microsoft will not only provide the developers with the tools to prepare demos, but also compensate them accordingly, so that they can spread their wings.

"We've designed and structured the program so that developers are financially compensated for the game, which would be lucrative for them, and also so that they can benefit from user feedback," said Sarah Bond, head of game ecosystem at Microsoft.

The rest of novelties from Microsoft

Project Moorcroft isn't the only new feature the company shared today.

  • On June 30, the Xbox App will be coming to new models of "smart TVs" from Samsung, enabling us to run out games on them via the cloud, without the console.
  • The performance of games and the Xbox App on Windows 11 is constantly being refined. There will be a new option to calibrate HDR monitors, and the Game Pass widget will enable us to browse popular titles and launch recently played ones, among other things.
  • Also Microsoft Edge will receive new gaming features. There will be news about gaming in the browser, a games menu will be added, thanks to which we can run, for example, Microsoft Solitaire or Atari Asteroids. There will also be a performance mode to reduce the amount of resources that the browser consumes when we play.
  • The Xbox Design Lab now has access to a larger audience. There are also a lot of new colors and customization options coming to the lab.