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News hardware & software 08 October 2021, 13:56

author: Miriam Moszczynska

YouTube Rewind Disappears for Good - No More Cringy Recaps

Hated by the community, YouTube Rewind is finally disappearing from the platform for good. The company will look for another way to recap subsequent years of business.

YouTube Rewind is an initiative that has haunted the website since 2010, though it hasn't been loved, or even enjoyed, by the community. The summary from three years ago was the most "disliked" video in the platform's history and other Rewind videos have also fallen out of favor with viewers. This year YouTube announced that it's saying goodbye to this form of summary for good, but the idea of a "report" from the whole year will not disappear. Everything seems to indicate that it will appear in a different form.

As it turns out, the lack of YouTube Rewind last year was the beginning of the end for this form of summary. In 2020, a message appeared on Twitter, in which the service announced that due to how strange the year was, Rewind would not appear on the platform. Now we know that we won't see the recap in that form on the platform ever again.

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YouTube Rewind is over, source:

Of course, the fact that Rewind is disappearing from YouTube doesn't mean that the idea of an annual summary will be completely lost. As a spokesman for the service said, the company wants to focus more on creators who summarize their own activity on YouTube. There are also plans to create another annual form of "coverage", but we still have to wait for more details.