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'Pirate It Rather Than Watch Playthrough on YouTube,' Ask Devs of Slay the Princess

Jacob Blazewicz, 28 December 2023, 05:32

Black Tabby Games prefers that gamers without money check out the highly rated Slay The Princess illegally than if they were to spoil their adventure with the game after seeing a walkthrough on YouTube.

GTA 6 Trailer With YouTube Record; Viewed Over 100 Million Times [Update]

Marcin Przala, 05 December 2023, 23:05

Yesterday's Grand Theft Auto VI trailer hit the web like a bat out of hell, which didn't stop it from becoming wildly popular and breaking one of YouTube's records.

Los Santos From GTA 5 Looks Great in Assetto Corsa; Project Sim Racing Shows High-end PC Racing

Maciej Gaffke, 21 November 2023, 07:16

The streets of Los Santos have come to life in Assetto Corsa. Thanks to the mod, we can race around the city from GTA V, as well demonstrated by the Project Sim Racing channel on YouTube.

Youtuber Accidentally Revealed as Source of Assassin's Creed Leaks [UPDATE]

Kamil Kleszyk, 23 September 2022, 11:32

A well-known industry leaker nicknamed The Real Insider has accidentally revealed his true identity. As a result, it turned out that the person publishing game leaks is youtuber Dan Allen Gaming.

Elden Ring With Biggest Game Debut on YouTube

Adrian Werner, 04 August 2022, 11:49

Elden Ring turned out to be a real hit on YouTube, recording the best debut in the website's history in the category of video game-related material.

Youtuber Fined $7.7 Million for Wanting to Get Back at Bungie

Miriam Moszczynska, 24 June 2022, 13:05

Destiny 2 content cretor wanted to take revenge on Bungie for ordering him to remove the materials. However, he chose an illegal route by impersonating CSC Global.

Elder Scrolls Fans Wish Recovery to Legendary „Skyrim Grandma”

Adam Krolak, 01 March 2022, 16:23

The popular „Skyrim Grandma” suffered a stroke and does not know how her gaming career will go. Fans of The Elder Scrolls have showered the youtuber with words of support and wish her a speedy recovery.

1,300 Videos Removed From YouTube; Nintendo Blocks Content

Hubert Sledziewski, 31 January 2022, 11:58

Nintendo has blocked more than 1,300 videos with music from its games that were shared by a YouTube user nicknamed GilvaSunner. The author claims that he did not make any money from the content.

YouTube Removes Dislike Counter to Protect Against Hate

Miriam Moszczynska, 11 November 2021, 14:03

YouTube is making changes to how videos are rated. Soon the number of negative video ratings will be visible only to the creators.

YouTube Rewind Disappears for Good - No More Cringy Recaps

Miriam Moszczynska, 08 October 2021, 13:56

Hated by the community, YouTube Rewind is finally disappearing from the platform for good. The company will look for another way to recap subsequent years of business.

Discord and YouTube in One as Watch Together

Arkadiusz Strzala, 23 September 2021, 15:16

In response to YouTube's actions on music bots, Discord is working on direct integration with the service. Testing of a feature called Watch Together has already begun on some servers.

PewDiePie and Other Creators Will Appear in Youtubers Life 2

Agnes Adamus, 07 September 2021, 15:35

U-Play Online and Raiser Games have announced that Youtubers Life 2 will feature famous content creators from YouTube, including PewDiePie.

YouTube With Improved Search Engine; Google Tests New Features

Jacob Blazewicz, 18 August 2021, 19:42

Google is preparing new features for YouTube. The popular service will receive various search engine improvements, such as chapter display and automatic video translation.

Youtubers Life 2 Announced

Adrian Werner, 14 April 2021, 14:32

Youtubers Life 2, a sequel to the YouTube content creator simulator, has been announced. The devs promise a lot of news and changes.

YouTube's Clip Creation Feature Undergoes Testing

Milosz Szubert, 29 January 2021, 18:08

A feature enabling you to create clips from streams and published videos on YouTube is coming. It is currently being tested on a strictly limited number of channels.

Minecraft Demolishes Roblox in YT's Most Popular Games of 2020

Paul Musiolik, 09 December 2020, 13:17

Minecraft, nothing after that for a long time, then Roblox and Garena Free Fire. This is the top 3 of most popular games on YouTube in 2020. What other interesting things were prepared for us?

YouTube Will Display Ads in All Videos

Bart Swiatek, 23 November 2020, 13:44

YouTube has made changes to the terms and conditions of the platform, as a result of which ads will be displayed in all videos, regardless of the choice of the content creator and participation, or lack of thereof, in the YouTube Partner program.

Former YouTube Moderator Sues Company for Work-related Trauma

Bart Swiatek, 22 September 2020, 11:32

A former YouTube moderator decided to sue her former employer, arguing that watching videos that often depicted very violent scenes for several hours a day result in her suffering from depression and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Cyberpunk 2077 - CDPR Celebrates One Million Subscribers, Uploads a Gift to YouTube

Christian Pieniazek, 03 September 2020, 19:44

CD Projekt RED is happy that the channel of Cyberpunk 2077 on YouTube has already been subscribed by more than a million people. On this occasion, the developers have published a gift, which will be appreciated especially by music lovers.

Minecraft Creator Deleted his Twitter Account Due to Bet

Aleksandra Dziwinska, 31 August 2020, 22:06

The creator of Minecraft, known as Notch, deleted his Twitter account. The reason was a bet with a youtuber. Notch didn't want him to write about politics.

Shroud, Dr. Disrespect and Ninja are Back to Streaming - How Did They Fare?

Paul Wozniak, 13 August 2020, 19:28

Recently, three popular streamers - Ninja, Shroud and Dr. Disrespect - have returned to live broadcasts. The audience's favourites have managed to attract a huge number of fans in front of the screens again, although the results of one of them may come as a surprise.

Dr. Disrespect is Back, Starting Today on YouTube

Paul Wozniak, 07 August 2020, 21:55

Yesterday, the popular streamer Dr. Disrespect, which was permanently banned on Twitch more than a month ago, officially announced that he will return to live streaming today.

YouTube Will Disable the Option of Adding Subtitles

Karol Laska, 30 July 2020, 22:30

YouTube has decided that the option to add subtitles to videos will be removed due to its low popularity and unethical abuse.

Youtuber Tricked YouTube to Win a Prestigious Award

Bart Swiatek, 27 July 2020, 13:09

Youtuber Jack „JackSucksatLife” Welsh used the exploit to win the so-called Diamond Play button - an award that is given to content creators with more than 10 million subscribers. The platform was notified of the vulnerability that allowed the fraud.

Ninja's Success on YouTube - First Stream Draws a Crowd of Viewers

Jacob Blazewicz, 09 July 2020, 14:03

Richard „Ninja” Tyler Blevins released his first YouTube stream. The well-known streamer was watched live by more than 100,000 people at the same time, but that doesn't mean he will stay on Google's platform permanently.

YouTube Automatically Censored Phrases Inconvenient for Chinese Government

Mikolaj Laszkiewicz, 27 May 2020, 13:39

Some comments that were critical of the Chinese government began to disappear from YouTube. This is all the more surprising because the service is not available in China anyway.

720p is Not HD Anymore - YouTube Makes Changes

Bart Swiatek, 18 May 2020, 11:15

YouTube has changed the resolution classification - 720p is no longer considered a High-Definition standard. Red HD letters do not appear until 1080p or better.

PewDiePie Signs an Exclusive Deal With YouTube

Paul Wozniak, 05 May 2020, 13:14

YouTube announced yesterday that from now on, the world's most popular solo youtuber - PewDiePie - will stream exclusively on Google's platform. However, no details of the collaboration were provided.

Google's Ads Earned Billions in Last 3 Months

Mateusz Popielak, 29 April 2020, 15:27

In the first quarter of 2020, the Alphabet group, which includes Google, recorded an increase in YouTube revenue. The difference is over 30% compared to last year.

Beautiful GTA 5 With Raytracing in Ultra and 4K

Conrad Hazi, 11 April 2020, 16:45

The Digital Dreams channel decided to check how good GTA 5 can look with ray-tracing, refreshed textures, and polished lighting effects in 4K and Ultra settings. To realize this plan they needed a powerful GPU and a lot of RAM, but - looking at the effects - it was worth it.

YouTube Will Limit Access to Videos Falsely Linking 5G and Coronavirus

Bart Swiatek, 06 April 2020, 11:07

YouTube plans to reduce the visibility of videos suggesting a link between the coronavirus and the 5G network, and in some cases remove them completely. The decision was made after a series of arson attacks on 5G transmitter masts in the UK.

YouTube is Working on Equivalent of TikTok - Shorts

Mateusz Popielak, 02 April 2020, 18:00

Google is creating an app to be a rival for TikTok. Will users like Shorts? Or will it end up like so many other technological solutions from the company - on a dumpster?

Touching Scene From Pixar's Iconic Movie Recreated in The Sims 4

Daria Bochenska, 31 March 2020, 18:35

The famous scene from Up, showing the fate of Carl and Ellie, has been recreated in The Sims 4. Both the recreated fragment and the process of building the house from the animation can be seen in the video posted on YouTube.

Fortnite - Exploit Makes it Possible to Rake in Easy Victories

Daria Bochenska, 30 March 2020, 16:09

Youtuber LazerBeam has published a video that show an exploit in Fortnite related to the use of helicopters, which - in a way that does not require confrontation with other players - enables a player to win the game.

YouTube Changes Default Video Quality in Europe

Paul Wozniak, 20 March 2020, 22:14

Like Netflix, YouTube has also decided to take action to reduce data consumption in the current period in Europe. However, the method used by Google will not be so intrusive - only the default video quality will be changed.

Gameplay From Baldur's Gate 3 Meets With Good Reception on YouTube

Milosz Szubert, 29 February 2020, 21:41

The recently published gameplay from Baldur's Gate III has been well received by the YouTube community. Recordings of the presentation that have on the popular website are getting a majority of thumbs up.

The Sims 4 - Player Traps 200 Sims in One Room

Milosz Szubert, 20 February 2020, 13:35

The host of Let's Game It Out channel took up a rather peculiar challenge in The Sims 4. He decided to use door locking mechanisms and lock as many sims as possible in a single room.

PewDiePie Plans to Take a Break From YouTube

Bart Swiatek, 16 December 2019, 13:14

The popular streamer PewDiePie is planning to take a break from creating videos on YouTube. His vacation will start at the beginning of 2020. We should know more details soon.

YouTube Rewind 2019 - Summary of the Year in the World

Paul Wozniak, 06 December 2019, 12:19

Yesterday, a summary of this year's results was posted on YouTube. The list shows, among others, the most popular creators and topics from all over the world.

YouTube Will be Able to Close Accounts That Bring no Profits

Laty, 12 November 2019, 20:22

The new terms of use of YouTube raise concerns of a large group of creators, as channels that are not „commercially viable” for advertisers may be closed.

PewDiePie Banned in China for Xi Jinping Meme

Julia Dragovic, 22 October 2019, 12:27

The popular youtuber PewDiePie was banned in China for showing in his film the (in)famous meme comparing secretary Xi Jinping to Winnie the Pooh.

Because of YouTube, Google May Have to Pay $200 Million Fine

Konrad Serafinski, 02 September 2019, 11:12

The Federal Trade Commission ruled that YouTube had violated the Children's Online Privacy Act by displaying advertisements personalised for children. It is said that Google may have to pay a $200 million fine. Many people think, however, that this amount is hardly enough.

PewDiePie - First Solo Creator With 100 million YouTube Subscribers

Konrad Serafinski, 25 August 2019, 19:28

PewDiePie became the first solo creator to have 100 million YouTube subscribers. This result was achieved by only one more channel, which even managed to beat the Pewds to reaching this number.

YouTube Considers Robot Fights as Animal Abuse?

Barth Faryna, 22 August 2019, 13:53

YouTube has recently removed hundreds of videos depicting robot fights. However, the most interesting thing about this whole matter is the reason for the decision: the videos violated the rules on cruelty to animals.

YouTuber Completes Skyrim Using Only a Torch

Konrad Serafinski, 12 August 2019, 11:59

YouTuber Mitten Squad has set himself the challenge of completing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim using only a torch. The task wasn't the easiest one, but in the end the player's will prevailed.

Borderlands 3 Publishers Continue Their Crusade Against SupMatto

Michael Kulakowski, 12 August 2019, 01:19

In response to a video posted by youtuber SupMatto, in which he described an unpleasant meeting with detectives sent to him by 2K Games and Take-Two Interactive, the publishers attacked his channel using the copyright protection system. They were able to block over a hundred clips and streams of the creator.

Youtubers Seek Help Among Trade Unions

Bart Swiatek, 29 July 2019, 21:25

A group of content creators - YouTube Union has established a partnership with German trade union IG Metall. Together, two organizations have launched FairTube initiative, which calls, among other things, for greater transparency regarding the rules of video monetization.

A Way Out and Detroit Devs: Twitch and YouTube Do Help Sell Games

Milosz Szubert, 16 July 2019, 15:46

David Cage of Quantic Dream and Josef Fares of Hazelight Studios noticed that streams and gameplays showing complete playthrough of Detroit: Become Human and A Way Out actually helped them sell more copies. Players are looking for unique experiences.

Wireless Mice Faster Than Traditional Ones? Here's a Test

Conrad Hazi, 05 July 2019, 22:11

The crazy team of Linus Tech Tips decided to check in a relatively scientific way if wireless mice have a faster response time than the mice on the cable. The results show that while top-shelf models are comparable, the same cannot be said for cheaper models.

YouTube Videos Ridiculing the $999 Apple Stand Disappear from Internet

Arkadiusz Dziermanski, 07 June 2019, 01:26

The echoes of Apple's conference, during which the company's new monitor was presented, along with a stand costing almost $999 extra, will not fade away. Films ridiculing the device started to disappear from the Internet.