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Palworld map and guide by

Palworld map and guide

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Palpagos Island Palworld

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Palpagos Island
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Palworld: Interactive map Palworld map, guide

Palworld map - all Pals, Eggs, Treasure Chests, fast travel points, merchants, Limfunk Efiigy, best base location, farming Pals, NPCs, dungeons. Thanks to our map, it will be easier for you to build your base and get all essensial materials and resources.

Last update: 20 February 2024

In Palworld, you have a quite large world at your disposal, filled with all kinds of collectibles and resources that will help you survive longer. Our interactive map will show you where to find all the Eggs, Treasure Chests, and Captured Pals. We have marked the locations of all travel points, dungeons, and points of interest. You'll find out where the merchants and NPCs are located, as well as where you may find bosses. You'll also find helpful hints on the map.


Eggs are scattered all over the world in Palworld, from which you can hatch new pals - Palworld: Interactive map - Basics - Palworld map and guide

Eggs are scattered all over the world in Palworld, from which you can hatch new pals. Their location is fixed, but what hatches is always a surprise. However, certain areas have a greater likelihood of finding specific creature eggs, such as the volcanic region of the island where it's easier to find a dragon egg.


Another method of acquiring new pals is by locating their adult counterparts in the game world. On our map, you'll find the locations of all types of pals.

  1. farming pals,
  2. alpha pals,
  3. captured pals.

You can obtain Pals of any kind by weakening them and capturing them in a Pal Sphere, which you can craft at the workbench.


In the game, you will find two types of merchants - Palworld: Interactive map - Basics - Palworld map and guide

In the game, you will find two types of merchants:

  1. Pal Merchants - where you can buy or sell pals. The transaction is carried out using gold.
  2. Wander Merchants - they sell basic items that will help you survive. You can also buy crafting recipes, Pal Spheres, and seeds from them.

On our map you'll find the locations of all merchants in the game.

Limfunk Effigy

Limfang Effigy are green statues scattered around the world of Palworld. They are quite common, and their location is predetermined. They are used to increase your Capture Power - the chance of success when catching pals. You can use them at the Statue of Power, buildings that you will come across in deserted churches in different regions of the map, or you can construct them relatively early in your bases. With each increase in Capture Power, the number of Limfang Effigy required to increase it to the next level increases by 4 - first you need 3, then 7, then 11, and so on. The maximum level of Capture Power in the current version of the game is 10, and to achieve it you need a total of 181 Limfang Effigy. There are plenty more of them in the game, so if you explore carefully, you shouldn't have any trouble finding them.

Fast travel

You can immediately move from one location on the map to another thanks to fast travel - Palworld: Interactive map - Basics - Palworld map and guide

You can immediately move from one location on the map to another thanks to fast travel. To use the points, you need to first uncover and interact with them as they are initially hidden along with the entire map at the start of the game. Additionally, you'll only benefit from fast travel when you approach a place of this type in the game world - only then will the option to move to another location appear on the map.


Dungeons in Palworld are locations separate from the main world map. These are mostly various caves that you'll find while traversing the game world. Dungeons are time-limited - they vanish after a certain time and reappear in a different cave on the map. This means that you won't always find a dungeon in a discovered cave. There are no time limits inside the dungeon.

Inside the dungeons, you'll encounter normal opponents, valuable item chests, and a boss - a more powerful Pal, similar to those found on the main map. Beating or capturing the boss allows you to exit the dungeon. Before you enter the dungeon, ensure that you are at the level recommended by the game, have plenty of resources, ammunition, and a few Pals to assist you.

We have also created a guide with tips for the most important mechanics and objects in the game. You will find it here.

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