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Prototype Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Prototype Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Web of Intrigue | Basics Prototype Guide

Last update: 11 May 2016

There are over a hundred people in the game's world, who know something about Mercer's history, the virus, other characters in Prototype, etc. How to find them all? I hope these tips will help you in completing that task.

1. Complete all main missions. I know this sounds quite stupid, but only by doing so you can find and consume the most important Web of Intrigue targets. Some of them will be absorbed without your specific action (during a cut-scene, for example), the other must be handled by you. Check out the Walkthrough section of this guide - you'll find there some more information about missions and people you have to absorb.

2. Walk around the Manhattan Island. This may get quite dull after a while, but allows you to find a lot of people (usually scientists) knowing something about the virus. Do not worry if you accidentally kill a Web of Intrigue target. Just go to another part of town, wait a while and return where you found that person for the first time. The character will sooner or later appear in the game again. A nice idea is to perform the events - thanks to that you simultaneously wander around the island, whether you like it or not.

3 - Web of Intrigue | Basics - Basics - Prototype Game Guide & Walkthrough

3. Infiltrate military bases. By doing so, you can find soldiers who may know something important. Consume the commander, enter the main base building (like in The Wheels of Chance mission) and then find a guy with a significant red-black icon above his head.

4. Complete all events based on consuming targets within the time limit. They're marked with a green-black icon of a helmet. Tasks in these events are various, and to be honest, not all of them end up with obtaining some additional memories or information. However, remember that completing these can give you access to new event, in which you may find people you keep looking for. If you can't find those helmet icons, get back to tip number two. Once or twice I had this situation, in which consuming a Web of Intrigue passer-by unlocked a consume event.

1 - Web of Intrigue | Basics - Basics - Prototype Game Guide & Walkthrough


2 - Web of Intrigue | Basics - Basics - Prototype Game Guide & Walkthrough


3 - Web of Intrigue | Basics - Basics - Prototype Game Guide & Walkthrough
4 - Web of Intrigue | Basics - Basics - Prototype Game Guide & Walkthrough
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