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Sid Meier's Civilization VI Game Guide by

Sid Meier's Civilization VI Game Guide

Table of Contents

Civilization 6: Ways to achieve victory Civilization VI Game Guide

Last update: 08 March 2022

This chapter of the Civilization 6 game guide answers the question how to win in Civilization VI, namely, how to successfully complete a scenario based on the previously selected gameplay settings (e.g. military or cultural victory). We explain what minimum requirements you have to fulfill for a given type of victory to be unlocked and what actions to perform for each one of them.

General information

In Civilization VI a single play is always connected with creating a scenario. Through the options you can adjust number of players, type of the map other factors that will have an influence on the play. After creating and loading a scenario you and other nations has to achieve a victory. Every scenario ends by the year 2050. Until then a winner should be appointed. The stage of development and strategies made by other players doesn't matter. A player that achieves one of the victories is the winner. If none of the players meets the requirements necessary for one of the victories, every ones' achievements in the game are converted into points. The one with the biggest amount of them wins.

In every turn you can check your place in a ranking for each type of victory. - Civilization 6: Ways to achieve victory - Basics - Sid Meiers Civilization VI Game Guide
In every turn you can check your place in a ranking for each type of victory.

In the later part of this chapter you will learn useful information that will allow you to identify which type of victory other players pursue but also what requirements you must meet in order to complete a given victory.

Score victory

If none of the players competing in a scenario doesn't, by the year 2050, achieve a victory the winner is chosen by comparing the points of each player. Below, you can find a table presenting what factors have an influence on your overall score. Also, you will find information about what must be done in order to get the most points in each category.



Contribution to the overall score



Number of cities



Each city - 4 points

Each citizen - 1 point

Each destroyed unit - 2 points


Spots on the tree

Each spot on the tree - 2 points


Spots on the tree

Each spot on the tree - 2 points



Each wonder - 5 points

Great People

Number of contracts

Each hired - 3 points


Civilizations converted

Each city - 4 points

A good habit is to constantly explore the map by using your scouts. If you find a place that is rich in resources, connected with a wonder or creates a perfect opportunity for development by providing accessibility to water then, as quick as possible, you should train settlers and build a city there. Depending on a nation that you play as it can be more profitable to build cities near your capital or building them on other continents. Remember, that amenities for luxury resources can supply up to 4 cities which is the number of settlements that you can built and keep their growth at a reasonable pace. You can easily notice that the biggest amount of points is given by wonders but, taking into consideration their strategic characteristic, you can't limit yourself to just them.

When it comes to civics and technologies the most important thing is to complete the necessary conditions that unlock inspirations and eureka. Also, it is important to support the works by continuously increasing the income of culture and science points. Your progress in each one of the trees has a great impact on a overall play and can, more than once, tip the balance on your favour.

The number of Great People that you want to have a contract with is determined by the income from each district, buildings and projects. This means that you can't neglect the development of your city. Remember that some districts are available much later than others so develop them according to their slots in the tree. Also, don't try to hire every Person from every discipline, focus on 2-3 that you find most useful and keep watch on contracts. With a greater number of players this should be enough to have the highest amount of points in this category.

When it comes to faith and believes there are two most important elements: defending your own faith on a terrain that belongs to you and how fast can your religious units move. Remember to use as many religious units as possible and support them with an offensive type. A clash between religious units has no impact on diplomacy.

Victory by domination

One of the ways that can give you a victory in a scenario is domination over your enemies. It is done by depriving your enemies of their capital cities. This can be done only by military actions because none of the players will voluntarily give you their capital. It is important to know that this type of victory is only possible when you have control over your own capital.

It is worth to mention that if you have more than one city and your capital is taken by an enemy player a palace (symbol of a capital) is moved to another city. However, in this case you can't win by domination because to do so you have to have control over your original capital. Until you take it back you can' win by this type of victory but you can still compete in others.

Remember that to achieve this victory you must cleverly lead your diplomatic negotiations with all players, have a strong army and good economy. If you neglect one of this factors you can lose the game very quick and a prolonging war won't do any good for you.

Victory by science

This type of victory can be achieved by any players that begin their participation in a scenario. Later in this guide you can find three milestones that must be done in order to achieve this victory but remember, that each one of them is available almost at the end of technology tree. It can be assumed that this type of victory takes the most time out of all types.




Launch a satellite

Fog of war disappears from the map

Technology: Rocketry

Land a human on the Moon

A huge amount of culture points

Technology: Satellites

Establish a Martian Colony

Science victory

Technology: Nuclear Fusion, Nanotechnology, Robotics

If you want to achieve this type of victory you must continuously pursue the technologies pointed in the table above. Only then you can fulfill all of the objectives for this type of victory and, by finishing the last one, complete a scenario. It is worth to know that in order to achieve this victory faster than other players you must have good scientific facilities but also build three districts with spaceport. After developing the technologies you must complete their projects which is connected with a certain amount of production points in all of the cities with spaceports. Remember that each project can be done in separate cities, finishing them faster.

It also worth mentioning that the moment you send out your satellite other players will be informed about that which can result in increased activity on your territory. Remember, that they will try to dish the entire project. You should keep a strong army in each city that conducts said projects but keep in mind that even strong armies won't stop atomic bombs that can be dropped on one of your districts. Remember, even in this situation an enemy can destroy only one of your districts with a spaceport which is why you should have more than one district.

Victory by culture

This type of victory can be achieved by any players that begin their participation in a scenario. To achieve this type of victory you must have more foreign tourists than a total number of domestic tourists in each city.

For this type of victory the most important things are diplomacy and open border agreements with other civilizations. Only then will you be able to attract foreign tourists. To make your terrains especially attractive you must build constructions that they may find interesting. You must keep an eye on terrain's attractiveness and condition. This will allow you to control those terrains that will allow you to build seaside resorts, national parks or some wonders.

Also, it is important to have museums where you can store pieces of art which in turn requires you to hire Great People. You should build districts dedicated to them and fulfill projects that will allow you to establish cooperation with them faster than other players. Some nations can achieve this type of victory faster than others so you should check in details bonuses for each nation. Archeology and relics are also important, they can be supported by a properly administrated districts related to faith.

Touristic victory is one of those types that requires to have the best control over your decisions and micro management. Remember, that there are other factors influencing tourism such as trade routes and government because it is easier to attract those tourists that come from a country with the same type of government.

Victory by religion

Civilization VI's religious mechanic is very complex. After establishing the pantheon you have the access to very important bonuses that are unavailable for those players that ignore this gameplay element. Wonders are important for religion because some of them can give you profits that are useful if you want to achieve this type of victory. It is worth noting that even though the structure of this element is advanced, a religious victory can be the easiest to achieve, but all your actions must be focused on this goal.

Remember, that holy sites are one of the first types of districts that you can build from the beginning. Try to build it as quick as you can so you can start generating faith points shortly after starting the game. This will shorten the time to establish a pantheon or to get help from Great Prophet. Note, that faith points are an in-game currency that can be used to finance your expenses for spreading your faith to other nations.

The requirement for this victory is to spread your faith to other nations so that most of the cities controlled by other players is believing in the same faith as yours. But remember, that this aspect is measured according to the proportions for each of the players so it doesn't matter that your religion is in all cities of one player that has the most cities on the map. Your religion has to be accepted by every player and only then you can achieve this victory.

For this type of victory you should be prepared for many little skirmishes, especially when it comes to units related only to faith. Faith spreads easily and you don't even have to send any units to cities that are close to your settlements. Beside that you have units in your disposal that are responsible for a natural growth of faith, although they can be bought only by faith points so you should take care of that. The sooner you start with a clear goal for your actions the greater your chances for victory. Some civilizations will happily accept your faith but there are some that get profits from spreading their own religion. You will have to fight with those to achieve this victory. Exploration is really important here because only then will you be able to quickly react to enemy movements.

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