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Street Fighter IV Game Guide by

Street Fighter IV Game Guide

Table of Contents

Characters - Dhalsim | Characters Street Fighter IV Guide

Last update: 11 May 2016


Dhalsim hasn't changed at all - Characters - Dhalsim - Characters - Street Fighter IV - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Dhalsim hasn't changed at all. The range of his special moves and is still very good, and not the best and his Ultra Combo is very dangerous. This is the best defensive player from all. The bad part? Very slow backward dash and similar to Akuma, hit attacks take him a lot of energy.

Normal Moves

  • dp+K - Slide

Attack range and strength depends on pushed kick. You can continue this attack doing throw.

  • HP (in the air) - Jumping Hard Punch

Great range, a lot of damage.

  • t+MP - Hook Arm
  • t+HK - Anti Air Knee

Great attack against flying enemies.

Special Moves

  • qcf+P - Yoga Fire

Fireball strength and range depends on pushed punch. LP is the weakest but fly farthest. HP has the biggest power and the shortest range. MP is the combination of those two. None of this "shots" fly through all the screen length. LP may seem be better because after released projectile you can keep your enemy for a distance using kicks and punches in case when he jump over the fireball.

  • hcb+P - Yoga Flame

Very quick attack, may be safely using in combos.

  • hcb+K - Yoga Blast

Using in case of flying enemies.

  • p, d, dp or t, d, dt+3xP or 3xK - Yoga Teleport
  • You can do this teleport also in the air. Dhalsim hasn't delay after it. Doing right combination you appear:
  • 3xP move forward - behind enemies back
  • 3xP move backward - in a half of the screen before enemy
  • 3xK move forward - just before enemy
  • 3xK move backward - before enemy with max distance.
  • d+K (in the air) - Foot Drill
  • Not so strong as in Super Turbo. Done in a good moment, may be painful. Specialist use it as fireball counter.
  • d+P (in the air) - Head Drill
  • d+3xP - Yoga Tower

Dhalsim avoid both high and low attack.

EX Moves

  • qcf+2xP - Ex Yoga Fire

Similar as basic version but fireball hit two times.

  • qcb+2xP - Ex Yoga Flame
  • qcb+2xK - Ex Yoga Blast

Super Combo

  • qcf, qcf+P - Yoga Inferno

Good attack against standing up enemies. Take a lot of energy even when it's blocked. You can use it to block enemy in the screen corner.

Ultra Combo

  • qcf, qcf+3xP - Yoga Catastrophe

Has a little better range than Super Combo and it's excellent against flying enemies. Dhalsim is able to do action similar to Uriena Aegis Reflector in SF3 Third Strike. When enemy is standing up use Ultra Combo teleport behind him, do low attack and finish with throw.


  • HP (from the air), LK, cancel Yoga Flame.
  • t+HP, MP Yoga Flame, Yoga Inferno.
  • t+MK, LP Yoga Flame, Yoga Inferno.
1 - Characters - Dhalsim - Characters - Street Fighter IV - Game Guide and Walkthrough
2 - Characters - Dhalsim - Characters - Street Fighter IV - Game Guide and Walkthrough
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