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The Cycle Guide

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Contracts | The Cycle The Cycle guide, tips

Last update: 29 October 2019

Aside from fighting creatures and other players, contracts are the most important aspect of The Cycle. These are just short missions scattered across the surface of the planet, for which the player (or team) is rewarded. In this chapter you will learn what contracts are, what types are available in the game and you will find some tips that make them easier to complete.

Contracts - what you get for completing them?

Completing contracts - in this case collecting Brightcaps - is one of the most important aspects of the gameplay. - Contracts | The Cycle - Basics - The Cycle Guide
Completing contracts - in this case collecting Brightcaps - is one of the most important aspects of the gameplay.

Contracts in The Cycle game are nothing more than simple missions issued to the players. Contracts differ in the objectives that must be completed in order to fulfill them - like mining crystals, launching a laser drill or killing a certain number of monsters. They, however, have one thing in common - for the performance of each of them you will receive points, which at the end of the game are summed up and on their basis each player receives a package with crafting materials. The more contracts have been completed, the better the package will be.

Completing contracts will also net you small sums of credits, making this a great way - together with killing monsters and exploration - to accumulate credits quickly. It should be noted, however, that with each subsequent contract of the same type that has been completed, the number of them that will need to be fulfilled before receiving the next reward increases. All this can be seen on the left side of the screen.

Drill for Minerals

The contract to drill in search of minerals is the easiest available in the game. There are dozens of pink crystals on the map. You can interact with them by installing drilling equipment on them. After a while you will be able to collect the mined crystals to complete the contract.

It should be remembered, however, that the beginning of the drilling process will alert monsters - they will appear in the close distance from the drilling site. Moreover, each crystal is different in terms of richness. The richer the deposit, the longer the drilling process will take and more and stronger groups of monsters will appear in its vicinity, but the reward received for its completion will also be significantly greater.

Note-remember that you need to collect the mined crystals once the drill is done, otherwise the contract will not be completed!

Capture Uplink

Places of satellite links are marked on the map with a yellow icon. At the center you will find the mentioned uplink - once you get close to it, the capturing process will initiate. After a short while the uplink will be captured by you (or your teammate) and will from now on generate points required to complete the contract. You will earn points every few seconds until the satellite link is captured by another player.

It should be remembered that other players are informed that the link has been intercepted. This will in most cases attract the attention of a hostile player - if you want to capture an uplink, be prepared for an offensive. After acquiring a link, you won't have to stand next to it to generate points, but you have to keep in mind that another player can simply recapture it.

Refine Letium

The process of processing Letium is similar to mining minerals. Letium deposits are marked on the map with an aquamarine icon. On the site you will find a small hole in the ground where you can install the extractor. From now on, the deposit will be mined by You (or a team member), accumulating the points needed to complete the contract.

The whole process is different, however, from mining minerals. You do not need to wait for the extractor to finish - Letium is collected all the time until another player recaptures the extractor. Moreover, the longer the extractor is installed in the field, the faster it will collect this resource-it is respectively 0.2, 0.4 and 1 point of Letium every second. The last difference worth pointing out is the fact that the installation of the extractor will not alert nearby beasts to your location - "only" other players will be alerted.

Power up Facility

Abandoned research facilities will be located on the map-they are indicated by a blue lightning bolt icon. On the site you will find the main computer, from which 3 lines diverge, connecting the computer with neighboring objects. Your goal is to find these objects, destroy the biomass that covers them, and activate them. After activating all 3 objects, you will be able to interact with the main computer to complete the contract.

The whole process, however, is not that simple. After activating any object, hostile robots will appear on the territory of the object, which pose a much greater threat to you than the beasts. Therefore, it is recommended to activate one object, destroy the robots and take over the next-the activation of all three can attract too many enemies at once.

Hold the Zeal

A contract based on holding the Zeal is most likely the most difficult in the whole game. On the map there is an object called Zeal-it is indicated by a golden icon. When you pick up this item (or someone from your team does it), points will start to be collected. After every few seconds you will receive the points needed to complete the contract, and the whole process lasts for as long as you will have the said Zeal. The item, however, will fall to the ground when the contract advances to the next level, after which it can be picked up again.

As with everything in the game, there is a catch here. At the time of picking up the Zeal, all players on the map will know your location and, most likely, will want to take it away from you. Therefore, it is not necessary to collect this item at the initial stage of the game, when you will not be able to effectively protect yourself.

Hunt for Biomass

Biomass hunting is a special contract that is simply about killing monsters. After reaching the place of the contract (orange icon on the map), you will encounter monsters that will drop biomass after getting killed. The biomass should then be collected to complete the contract at a given level - the higher the level, the more biomass will need to be collected. The harder the enemy to kill, the more biomass it will drop.

This is one of the best-next to collecting minerals-contract to perform in the opening minutes of the game. By killing monsters you will collect biomass as well as the credits they will drop - this way you will fulfill the contract and collect the money needed to buy new weapons or equipment.

Drone Salvage

In some places on the map you will find broken drones, next to which is also larger drone. The purpose of this contract is simply to protect these small drones from ' attacks. Then, when all the enemies are destroyed, you can interact with them to send them out towards the bigger one. When all three are returned, the contract will be fulfilled. The number of points thus obtained (to advance to a higher level of the contract) depends on how much damage the drones received - the more they were damaged, the less points will be given to you.


The purpose of this contract is to find Brightcap mushrooms that are marked with a mushroom icon on the map. After collecting them, you must drop them at the collection point - this one is marked with a similar icon to the one used for mushrooms, with an arrow pointing down at the base of the icon. There is a computer on the site of the collection - you just need to get close to it to begin the extraction.

There are also a few complications. Picking mushrooms causes the player (or the team) to draw the attention of Ticks - beasts that run towards the player to explode and deal huge damage. The more mushrooms you have in your inventory, the more Ticks (and their enhanced variants) will appear in your area. When extracting, you will also attract the attention of ticks.


Players eager to hunt others who are still on the map must take into account that they will be marked with a bounty. When this happens, the location of the sought player will be displayed on the maps of others and his killer will receive points for completing the contract. Their amount of points received will depend on how large the reward was for the player with a bounty.

Note that you character can also have a bounty on its head and others will come to take it. For this reason it is not recommended to hunt other players, as you can easily attract the attention of all of the remaining people on the map.


Evacuation is like a special contract that appears 3 minutes before the end of the game. An evacuation point appears on the map - all of the players willing to escape from the planet must go there before it is too late. However, the evacuation site will be swarmed with monsters-for the evac ship to appear there, you need to clear out the landing zone. Once that is done, you just need to run towards the ship and jump inside of it to complete the match.

During the evacuation, you must constantly monitor your surroundings. In the place of the evac there will be other players, some of whom will want to hunt others to acquire the best possible rewards for completing the game. There will also be beasts of the highest ranks, capable of knocking the player down with just a few blows.

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