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Beyond Two Souls Guide

Beyond Two Souls Guide

Take part in an exciting supernatural thriller! In this guide to Beyond Two Souls you will find a detailed description and walkthrough of all the chapters available in the game.

Last update: 10 July 2019

Game guide to Beyond: Two Souls contains all the information you need to complete the game in 100%. It will let you explore all possible pathways and alternatives of this non-interactive adventure game and unlock all related achievements.

In our guide, you will find a detailed walkthrough of all in-game chapters available in story mode. Each scene is described in such a way that you can easily complete all QTE (Quick Time Events) scenes and make positive choices. If the choices have a big impact on the course of a particular episode, it will be mentioned in the text. Also, the most interesting alternative scenes have been explained. By far the most important element of our guide is the game endings chapter. It describes each decision affecting the epilogue and its consequences.

On the final pages we have prepared a comprehensive trophy guide. We described the two most problematic and most complex achievements - A Better World and Saved All. Also, we present a full list of trophies including all other achievements required to unlock the platinum trophy.

Action of Beyond: Two Souls takes place over 15 years and presents the fate of Jodie Holmes. The main character is an exceptional girl. She has been able to communicate with ghosts since she was a child, and as she grew up, she learned to control her skills even better. She is permanently connected with one being - a ghost named Aiden. Together with his help she has to face lots of adventures and find out what is hidden "on the other side".

Author: Michal "kwisc" Chwistek (

How many main endings does Beyond: Two Souls have?

Beyond: Two Souls has three main endings and a list of them can be found in the Endings section of our guide.

Two of the three endings have different variants. You can also decide how Jodie behaves or watch different cut-scenes depending on whether an important NPC survived or died. All this encourages you to complete the game many times (in whole or in part - there is an option to choose the scene you want to move to), especially since many choices are made during the early chapters of the game.

Is it better to select default or chronological sequence of scenes?

As you progress through the story of Beyond: Two Souls, some jumps take place on the storys timeline and this is a deliberate intention of the developers - Beyond Two Souls Guide

As you progress through the story of Beyond: Two Souls, some jumps take place on the story's timeline and this is a deliberate intention of the developers. For example, in one scene you can control an adult Jodie, and in another you can move back to her childhood. The aim was to tell a story in a more interesting way and discover the traits of the main character and her relationship with Aiden.

In PS4 and PC versions, you can change the default setting and set scenes in chronological order, starting with the very young Jodie and ending with scenes where she is already a mature woman. We do not recommend this setting for the first time, as it will simply contradict the original vision of the developers. It is worthwhile to take an interest in this setting during one of the repeated runs of the game, e.g. in order to get and unlock skipped trophies.

On which platforms can I play Beyond: Two Souls?

Beyond: Two Souls can be played on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and personal computers. The PC version is the exclusive title of the Epic Games Store. All three versions have identical content. The PC version is distinguished by the possibility to play games not only with the use of the controller. It also offers full support for 4K resolution and 21:9 ultra-widescreen monitors.

Does Beyond: Two Souls have a demo version?

Yes, demos are available for PS3 (downloadable from PlayStation Store) and PC (downloadable from Epic Games Store). The PC demo allows you to play two game chapters - "The Experiment" and "Hunted".

How long does it take to complete Beyond: Two Souls?

A single completion of the game should take approximately 10-12 hours. This value depends on how much time you spend exploring the environment and whether or not you will get stuck with a puzzle or a QTE sequence for a longer time.

Beyond: Two Souls encourages you to complete main story a few times. Full completion of the game, i.e. discovering all the endings and unlocking a set of trophies, can take up to 30 hours.

Will Beyond Two Souls be available on Steam??

No, there are no plans to release Beyond: Two Souls on Steam platform. This title was available only on the Epic Games Store at the time this guide was updated.

What are the system requirements of Beyond: Two Souls for PC?

System requirements of Beyond: Two Souls are not very high. It should be possible to run it with selected higher details even on a few years old hardware. It should be noted, however, that the requirements may significantly increase when you use 4K resolution.

Minimum system requirements of PC version of Beyond: Two Souls:

  1. OS: 64-bit Windows 7 or newer
  2. Processor: Intel Core i5-4430 3,0 GHz or equivalent
  3. RAM: 4 GB
  4. Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 2 GB or AMD Radeon HD 7870 2 GB
  5. DirectX: DirectX 11

Recommended system requirements of PC version of Beyond: Two Souls:

  1. OS: 64-bit Windows 7 or newer
  2. Processor: Intel Core i5-6600K 3,5 GHz or equivalent
  3. RAM: 8 GB
  4. Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 4 GB or AMD Radeon R9 390 4 GB
  5. DirectX: DirectX 11

Are there romances available in Beyond: Two Souls?

Yes, Jodie may have a romance with one of the two men who appear in the course of the game, namely Ryan or Jay - Beyond Two Souls Guide

Yes, Jodie may have a romance with one of the two men who appear in the course of the game, namely Ryan or Jay:

  1. Ryan appears for the first time in The Embassy chapter, while The Dinner chapter is more interesting in terms of romance. Ryan is a CIA agent.
  2. Jay appears in chapter called Navajo. He is an Indian living on a farm visited by Jodie.

An opportunity to start a bond with one of these characters occurs when you unlock the "good" ending of the game. For more information on this topic, check the Endings chapter of our guide.

Can I unlock all Beyond Two Souls endings in a single run?

No, but you can see the three main endings without having to pass through the whole game repeatedly. The final chapter and the last decision has an impact on the game's finale. We have discussed this in more detail in the Endings chapter of our guide.

In Beyond: Two Souls, two out of three endings (epilogues) also have different variants depending on how you decide to behave or which characters made it to the final. In this case, in order to see another variant, it may be necessary to repeat a large part of the game. Many decisions are made long before reaching the game's finale.

Can I miss or skip some chapters?

No, unlike Heavy Rain, in Beyond: Two Souls you must progress through all the main game's stages regardless of your decisions. Of course, depending on the choices you make, the chapters can be of different lengths. For example, a chapter can end earlier if you fail an action or if an important NPC dies.

Beyond: Two Souls allows you to repeat chapters that you can choose from the timeline. It is worth noting, however, that changed decisions in the previous chapters can affect events from later stages.

Can important characters die during the story?

Yes, in Beyond: Two Souls six important NPCs may die during your game progress. Check out our trophy guide and the Saved All achievement page. There, you will find information on how to keep NPCs alive after they are in mortal danger.

A Better World trophy assumes that all important NPCs will die, whether by failing QTE scenes or choosing the wrong behavioral options. You can find a description of this achievement in our trophy guide. In order to unlock both trophies you have to go through a large part of the game twice.

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Beyond: Two Souls Video Game

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