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Call of Duty Mobile Guide

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What are perks for in Call of Duty Mobile? Call of Duty Mobile guide, tips

Last update: 08 October 2019

As you advance to the next level, you gain access to new perks - abilities that have an impact on your stats and skills. This page of Call of Duty: Mobile guide contains information related to this aspect of gameplay.

In the equipment customization panel, in the lower right corner, you will find three squares. Each of them symbolizes a certain category of perks. You can only have a one perk active from each category.

Name - What are perks for in Call of Duty Mobile? - FAQ - Call of Duty Mobile Guide



How to unlock?


Fast Recover

Reach level 4

Increases health regeneration rate by 35%


Reach level 14

Scorestreak doesn't reset when you die, but Scorestreak costs double.

Flat Jacket

Reach level 39

Explosion damage is reduced by 35%.


Reach level 45

Walking and crouching speed gets increased by 12%


Reach level 30

Increases pick-up item speed and reduces targeting time by 85% after a sprint.


Reach level 22

Sprint speed gets increased by 10% and reduced fall damage.



How to unlock?



Reach level 6

Allows you to collect ammunition from dead bodies equal to the clip capacity of currently used weapon.


Reach level 16

Reduces the recoil by 60% after hitting enemy.


Reach level 24

Enemy tracks are visible for 4 seconds.


Reach level 47

The enemy UAV cannot betray your position.


Reach level 32

You can't be the target of Scorestreak controlled by AI

Hard Wired

Reach level 41

Gives resistance to Counter-UAV and EMP grenades. Trip Mines are not activated



How to unlock?



Reach level 12

Increases the amount of points earned for killing an enemy by 25%.

Demo Expert

Reach level 20

Increases explosives damage by 25%.

Tactical Mask

Reach level 43

Reduces the duration of tactical equipment effects by 40%.


Reach level 51

The enemy's steps are louder.


Reach level 37

You can see enemy equipment and Scorestreak. Enables you to throw Care Packages again.

Dead Silence

Reach level 27

Enables silent movement

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