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Desperados 3 Guide

Table of Contents
Desperados 3 - Mission 1
Desperados 3 - Mission 1
Mission starting area. There are no enemies in the area. You have to start following James (father of young John).
Gate. It's guarded by a single gunman. Wait for him to go left and then sneak to the gate in order to open it.
Destroyed wagon. A single gunman is observing the area. Complete the tutorial about distracting enemies with a coin.
Stables. You must complete the tutorial about using the Showdown Mode and throw the coin at the horse. A successful action will result in eliminating both enemies.
Rope ladder. You must lower a ladder for James here. This can be achieved by using the ivy to climb on the roof of the building.
Roof. It's one of the main objectives. Use a coin to distract three nearby enemies. It will allow you to sneak your way to the ladder.
Gunman duel. Just like James says you don't have to involve yourself in it and you can ignore the enemies.
Guard at the cliff. You must sneak your way to him and use a coin to distract him. This will allow James to attack both guards. You must quickly tie up the stunned opponent and then hide his body in the bushes.
Path by the cliff. It leads to the next part of the village. Rotate the camera to see the path better.
Single guard. Distract him with a coin and only then climb using the ivy.
Hanging cargo. You must sneak your way to the building door to the left of the enemies. Choose the roof exit and interact with the mechanism to drop a heavy cargo on 3 gunmen.
Statue. Get here to finish the mission.
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Desperados 3: Mission 1 - map Desperados 3 guide, walkthrough

Last update: 24 February 2021

Key points of Desperados 3 - Mission 1

Important locations on the map

This page of the world atlas for Desperados 3 has a detailed map of mission 1 - On The Hunt. We have marked all the important locations we visited with John Cooper's father and described them in detail. Our guide will help you safely finish the prologue and complete all mission objectives.

The full walkthrough for mission 1 is on the next page of this chapter. Our guide also contains links and indications that refer to the map. For example, the designation (M1,5) indicates that you should look at the point with the number 5 on the map for mission 1.

Mission 1: Markings on the map

  1. Red dots symbolize opponents, and white dots symbolize horses and neutral characters.
  2. Blue dots indicate all the important places that can be explored. Descriptions of these points are located directly below the map.

Mission 1: General information

Mission 1 (On The Hunt) is the only stage included in the prologue - Desperados 3: Mission 1 - map - Mission 1 - On the Hunt - Desperados 3 Guide

Mission 1 (On The Hunt) is the only stage included in the prologue. This level takes place in Devil's Canyon and should be treated as an extensive tutorial. You will learn all the most important gameplay mechanics. This doesn't mean, however, that you cannot die in this mission. You must avoid getting detected by opponents, especially since your character is defenseless. Don't try to attack your enemies in any way. Instead, follow the methods shown by the game to avoid or distract them. This mission is very linear. You must follow the predetermined route and deal with various smaller mission goals.

Playable characters:

  1. Young John - this is a very unusual mission because you play exclusively as young John Cooper. He doesn't have any weapons. You can only rely on throwing coins.

Mission 1: Badges / challenges

The first mission doesn't have any challenges. Even if you complete the mission, you won't get any Badges. Challenges start appearing in mission 2 onward.

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