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Wolfenstein 3D - 1945 End of The Third Reich v.3.1 - Game mod - Download

The file 1945 End of The Third Reich v.3.1 is a modification for Wolfenstein 3D, a(n) action game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

file size3.6 MB

last updateWednesday, June 21, 2017


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1945 End of The Third Reich is a mod for Wolfenstein 3D, created by PDGamer2012


It's the year 1945, the war has been going on for nearly six years.The nazis fight to keep Hitler's twisted dream alive to take over the world. The allies sent out a polish guy named BJ Blazcowicks AKA The One Man Army.

You BJ Blazcowicks grandson of the man who brought the first world war down who has fought and accomplished many missions. You are the allies only hope if you can't bring the third riech to an end then no one can. You BJ Blazcowicks take out your pistol with 8 bullets and your trusty knife and get flown to a nearby open forset by some castle in a helecopter.It's time to go in there and bring an end to the third riech.

1945 The End Of The Third Riech features

One seamless episode of 60 all new large action packed epic levels.

A bigger selection of different wall textures from Spear Of Destiny original and Spear Destiny missions 2 and three and wall textures from other addons plus some new wall textures created by me plus many of the original Wolfenstein textures and good original Wolfenstein substitute textures.

New props from Spear Of Destiny original and Spear Of Destiny missions 2 and 3 and other addons and some original Wolfenstein sprites and substitute originals.

New guards and bosses from Spear Of Destiny and other addons and original Wolfenstein.

New weapons some original Wolfenstein weapons and some from other addons.

New items from other addons and original Wolfenstein.

New sounds from other addons and Spear Of Destiny and original Wolfenstein.

All new VGA screen graphics and a brand new status bar.

25 amo crate added.

Changed ceiling colours to fit in with the level location.

Multiple floor colours some levels have a different floor colour to others to fit in with the level location.

Boss action replays removed.

All new epic music from verious origins and games in midi format or some new imported music and some original Wolfenstein music.

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