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Total Annihilation - The Secret Forces v.0.7.7a - Game mod - Download

The file The Secret Forces v.0.7.7a is a modification for Total Annihilation, a(n) strategy game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

file size5.8 MB

last updateThursday, August 24, 2017


downloads (7 days)7

Free download

The Secret Forces is a mod for Total Annihilation, created by Shelby123456789.


An addon race for Total Annihilation.


it adds a completely new race with new and unique units.

A few new unique weapons for the units in the race

Realistic vehicles with real wheels, not found in any other TA race that I know of.

There are Saucers in place of the aircraft found in other races. They spin while building and attacking, adding a cool effect to their movement.

This race features a Nanotower to assist in the building of units more quickly. It has really long range, and can Nanolathe across your base.


Mod oferuje instalator.

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