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Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Texture streaming improvements - No more texture pop in v.1 - Game mod - Download

The file Texture streaming improvements - No more texture pop in v.1 is a modification for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, a(n) rpg game. Download for free.

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last updateSunday, March 4, 2018


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Texture streaming improvements - No more texture pop in is a a mod for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, created by artins90.

Description (in author’s own words):

Console Commands and Variables configuration that aims to improve texture streaming and remove texture pop-in.

The tweaks below try to force the game to preserve the textures for longer instead of discarding them almost immediately, they also increase the LOD levels so that your PC has enough time to load new textures before you reach them.

As a side effect, the loading times when talking to characters are reduced since all of the textures will be already loaded, I suspect the main reason they added the loading screen is to hide the texture streaming that would otherwise happen at very close range during the conversations.

The tweaks also make sure that all the textures are already loaded when you enter a level, for this reason the initial loading times will be longer.

It also uses slightly more memory and might cause a small performance loss on weaker systems but on systems where the HDD is the bottleneck, these tweaks might prevent freezing and stuttering.

Don't change the LOD sliders for textures, objects and vegetation while you are playing, the game can crash.

Don't load your save from the main menu after changing the in-game LOD sliders the game can crash.

To change the LOD sliders without risking a game crash:

Open the game.

Change the sliders to your liking.

Allow the game to load back to the main menu.

Exit the game and restart it.

Also make sure you DON'T have r_silhouettePOM = 1 inside your user.cfg.

If you do, open the console and set r_silhouettePOM = 0

Delete r_silhouettePOM = 1 completely from user.cfg

This setting makes parts of 3D objects and NPCs disappear.

To apply the tweaks:

There are 2 configurations available one for HDDs and the other for SSDs, use only 1 set of tweaks.

STEP 1 for the Steam version:

Go to the game main folder where you can find system.cfg

Place the user.cfg file you downloaded from this page in the same folder where system.cfg is.

In the Steam launch options add +exec user.cfg

Go to STEP 2

STEP 1 For the GoG version:

Go to the game main folder where you can find system.cfg

Place the user.cfg file you downloaded from this page in the same folder where system.cfg is.

Create a shortcut of the game executable KingdomCome.exe (you can use the one on the desktop if you have it)

Right click on the shortcut, open properties, in the target field leave a space after .exe" and add +exec user.cfg

Like so: "D:\Games\Kingdom Come Deliverance\Bin\Win64\KingdomCome.exe" +exec user.cfg

After completing STEP 2, launch the game from the shortcut you modified.

STEP 2 both Steam and GoG

Some values inside user.cfg need to be edited.

Open user.cfg with a text editor and set the values listed below to your liking:

-- Set based on your Vram, example provided for 4GB

r_TexturesStreamPoolSize = 4096

sys_budget_videomem = 4096

-- Set based on your HDD speed, example 180 MB/s

r_TexturesStreamingMaxRequestedMB = 180

-- Set the time limit you want inactive textures to stay in memory, value in seconds

r_TexturesStreamingResidencyTime = 120

-- Set the amount of system RAM available to the game, example 7GB

sys_budget_sysmem = 7000


If the performance hit is too big, you can try decreasing the texture loading range r_TexturesStreamingMipBias to -2 or -1r_TexturesStreamPoolSize = 4096

sys_budget_videomem = 4096

  1. Prędkość dysku twardego (przykład jeśli 180 MB/s)

r_TexturesStreamingMaxRequestedMB = 180

  1. Ile sekund mają czasu tekstury pozostawać pamięci:

r_TexturesStreamingResidencyTime = 120

  1. Limit dostępnego RAMu systemu (przykład dla 7 GB:

sys_budget_sysmem = 7000

Report problems with download to [email protected]

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