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XCOM: Enemy Within - Long War: Retribution v.0.14 - Game mod - Download

The file Long War: Retribution v.0.14 is a modification for XCOM: Enemy Within, a(n) strategy game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

file size12.4 MB

last updateMonday, August 6, 2018


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Long War: Retribution is a mod for XCOM: Enemy Within, created by Exterra Project.

Description (in authorís own words):


- XCOM: Enemy Unknown

- XCOM: Enemy Within addition

- Long War 1.0

ATTENTION. All the facilitation of life to the player in the text below is designed for the game on the latest difficulty. Others do not consider.

P.S. The game NOT on the last difficulty is recommended only for newcomers.

Embedded Mods:

1. Sequential Overwatch (1.2).

2. VR Training.

3. Customize Charges. Mod is used only to change the number of charges of a ark thrower. There are now 10 of them.

4. Enable UFO Scanners.

5. EnhancedTacticalInfo. Includes displaying a heap of useful information in tactical missions.

6. FixesWillBonusAndPsi.

7. Item Grid for Long War. Reduces the visual size of slots for additional items for soldiers.

8. LightningReflexes.

9. Mec Trooper Level Loss.

10. MecCloseCombat.

11. Recruitmenttime. Reduces the time of hiring soldiers up to 2 days.

12. Roll Stat Bonus. My personal mod, giving a chance to soldiers to roll bonuses stats not after max experience, but from the very beginning.

13. Beta14HPMod - changes the colors of points of life and armor from XCOM operatives.

14. HUD Cleaner MOUSE CONTROLS - removes from the tactical interface buttons that are pressed by the mouse.

15. Sightlines_LW.

16. Squadron Unleashed 1.1.

Changes related only to DefaultGameCore:

1. Perks. The most processed tree of perks is Stormtrooper, then Medic, and the Sniper gets the bronze. In particular, because, as will be said below, classes now do not matter much, only as sets of perks. The other classes on perks are either very little affected, or untouched at all.

2. Stat bonuses. Distributed so that the fattest is a stormtrooper, the most accurate - a sniper, and slightly corrected all the tables, so that the player can after pumping a ton of stormtroopers and snipers, one or two or three, or even a whole squad of really tough fighters.

2a. Bonus stats ENEMIES. Both aliens and exalt get more bonus stats during their development, and base stats are also increased for all but drones and thin mans - they, on the contrary, are reduced for my subjective mind.

3. Starting stats of recruits SLIGHTLY increased. nuff said.

4. Weapons. All machine guns, light and heavy, and shotguns can carry half the classes. The ban was only on sniper rifles for other classes, except for the sniper itself.

4a. Bazookas can use any class in the pistol slot. Additional missiles are taken in the backpack by any class. Rockets in inventory without a bazooka, of course, will not shoot.

4b. Bazookas of all three species are proportionally increased damage. Now this is not a weak garnet, but quite an aid, capable of carrying a pack of aliens from several volleys.

4c. Ark rifle is worn by any class in the pistol slot. (TEST Beta 0.12 - to cut it all out ...)

5. Things. Some things lost their class dependence. For the MEC, you can now put far more variety of junk. Some of the things are rebalanced, the description can now absolutely not match the effect, edit more and descriptions for all sorts of armor from alloys... meh (!!! maybe will be fixed in the release). However, you will not find anything cheating, unless the bonuses of hp and accuracy on the corresponding rags slightly increased. Includes tweaks for the number of mines and fog.

6. Resources. The rebalance is very tricky. The player can be happy to see the amount of 600+ bucks for the kidnapping mission and 15-50+ of the meld for each canister (the random is fierce, you can catch 50-70 from the start, but 15 or vice versa). In fact, the player quickly rests on a shortage of money - first and then as far as launching all the satellites, on midgame he rests on the shortage of aliens' alloys, and in the end, the Elerium will be missed catastrophically. Not to mention the eternal shortage of battleships and energy sources. Even with normal settings, without any dropping levels of funding, and taking into account the departure for each ufo and missions for the first six months. Money here is not enough always up to the end, therefore, meld was chosen as a "what to sell", so that the player could at least from somewhere take the missing 100 bucks to build the next lab.

7. Tweaks of time. Fatigue, instead of the mod for its complete cleaning, is simply reduced - the soldier must after the task drink a seagull, sleep. Fatigue varies in hours, up to about 12. The injuries are treated about a day, the heaviest is not more than 3.5 days. We have here, sorry, nanomachines, capable of a implant second heart, a psi-abilities and even a cold fusion. It was not enough for the local hospital to treat the soldiers for weeks. Re-equipping of birds - 12 hours, relocation 6 hours.

8. Armor. According to the mod to reduce the visual size of the slots, now the base armor gives 1 slot, the worst one crafted gives 2 slots for things, then 3, 4, and 6 gives Titan, the top Archangel gives 8. Psi armors give 4-5-6 , and Shadow 5. Also is a bug, it's impossible to fix it for my settings - all recruits will have 2 slots until they change armor.

9. Ark Thrower. Now it's a weapon, not a mini-game "catch-up-play-in-a-random." It uses pistol slot and has (because of the mod) 10 charges. Acts on an insolently large distance (accordingly the range of visibility of a soldier!), Yet this is ARK, not an electric shocker. The chances are also slightly twisted, for example, a 5-hp sectoid has 68% to go to sleep from an unimproved ark thrower. Improved adds 40% or +2 hp to successful stunning (that is, with 6 hp with an improvement of 98% chance).

10. MECs became better. By the number of hp, the range, the number of slots. Now these are really serious things, not the useless tortoise. You can see for yourself, there are a couple of slightly distinguishable classes, but in general the desire to level out the importance of classes is also applied here. Each MEC is adjusted to greater extremes: mobile MECs are mobile and paper, from these do grenadiers and melees just right, the other branch, on the contrary, is fat and much slower, put marauder in this stuff, and you can stupidly stomp like a scout through the whole ufo- base, firing and slinging aliens - it will be a long time to break this tank.

11. Perks on things, armors and weapons. Sniper rifles have a holographic mark, all light carbines have perk for 3 response attacks by reaction, light machine guns - general view, heavy machine guns - sentinel, power armor "Archangel" includes a mimicry field, Shadow - absorbing field, psi-armor Vortex - distorting field.

On things smaller and simpler, I do not remember everything, but for example the restoring fog for the MEC includes perk for increasing its number, a grenade launcher for its range, and a mortar for the number of mines.

12. EXPERIENCE. To achieve the top level, the soldier needs 7500 experience. Of course, before this, everything has also been redone. This applies to the PSI experience, but there is less.

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