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Monster Hunter: World - [Special K] HDR10/scRGB (Actual HDR Display Output) Fix v.19082018 - Game mod - Download

The file [Special K] HDR10/scRGB (Actual HDR Display Output) Fix v.19082018 is a modification for Monster Hunter: World, a(n) rpg game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

file size17.4 MB

last updateMonday, October 8, 2018


downloads (7 days)30

Free download

[Special K] HDR10/scRGB (Actual HDR Display Output) Fix is a mod for Monster Hunter: World, created by Kaldaien.


This mod attemps to improve PC version of Monster Hunter: World.


Eliminate the abusive SwitchToThread () CPU hog

Restrict job threads to a manageable number

Fixes frame pacing issues caused by poor XInput hot-plug design

Eliminates regular interval hiccups if no gamepad is connected

Eliminates stutter during gamepad hot-plug event

HUDless screenshots

Texture/button mods

Pre-HUD ReShade

Fixes for Fullscreen Exclusive problems

Click the Device Resolution button in Special K's control panel (it. )-- the engine uses the wrong window dimensions when transitioning modes.


Extract it to your game's install directory (steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World)

The menu opens with Ctrl + Shift + Backspace

This mod requires Visual C++ 2017 runtime.

Report problems with download to

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